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Recommended Add-ons for Skype

Skype is a great platform for instant messaging and for having video calls with friends and family. However, over time quite a few add-ons have been developed in order to enhance Skype's capabilities and to deliver a much more potent user experience.


Which free add-ons for Skype should you try?

Since Skype has a sea of add-ons you can actually drown in, we've collected the 14 most recommended Skype add-ons for your comfort (naturally you must install Skype first):

  • Clownfish for Skype: this add-on is great for enhancing Skype's audio and video features. For example, it will enable you to add to your instant messaging interface a built in spell check, incoming messages text to voice, messages encryption, simultaneous translation into, and from, over 50 languages, etc. This add-on will also enhance Skype's audio features by adding a recorder feature, voice distortion, and even an AI robot that can actually hold conversations on its own (ideal for calls from your dear old auntie).



  • Idroo: this add-on enhances Skype with a whiteboard on which you can share ideas, thoughts, and drawings with your call partners. The board can be simultaneously used by multiple participants in a manner that every participant will be able to see the mouse cursors of every other participant. This add-on even has a built in mathematical equations support which makes it ideal for teaching math and science.



  • Multiple Skype Launcher: this add-on is ideal for computers used by several different users or by one user with several Skype accounts. This Skype add-on will enable you to save various Skype accounts and their login information and to swiftly log in with any one of them. This add-on will also enable you to launch several versions of Skype, each with different user names.
  • SkypeAutoAnswer: this add-on will enable you to create a list of Skype contacts whose calls should be automatically answered. This way you won't miss calls from selected contacts under any circumstances or while you're otherwise engaged in other activities.
  • Vodburner: this Skype add-on is a great tool for recording Skype calls and for editing them as video clips. Its uses are expansive and can include recording academic lectures, marketing presentations, business meetings, etc. Use of this add-on is for free for a period of 14 days, after which the add-on free version's functionality becomes quite limited.
  • MP3 Skype Recorder: this add-on will enable you to record your Skype calls and save them in MP3 format, either manually or automatically. It's an easy and simple to operate add-on which serves a simple and efficient purpose.
  • MAXA Notifier for Skype: this add-on will provide you with real time voice notifications when selected contacts' statuses change. This way you'll be able to know the exact status of selected contacts in real time.
  • SkyHistory: this add-on is a great tool for saving your Skype chat history. You'll also be able to search all documented chats for specific chats and to retrieve important information.
  • Skype Translate: this add-on will enable you to automatically translate incoming and outgoing messages into numerous languages. If you're chatting with someone who speaks a different language this add-on can be very helpful in maintaining effective communication.
  • Ursa Spell Checker: this is a great add-on for automatically spell checking Skype chats. It runs in the background and supports a vast selection of languages. It will also enable you to automatically and simultaneously spell check text in several languages.
  • SkyRemote: this add-on will enable you to share your desktop with your call partners, or to have your call partners share their desktop with you, directly out of Skype. By using this add-on you'll also be able to remote control call partners' computers, directly out of Skype.
  • Look2Skype: this is a great add-on which connects Skype with Outlook. By using it you'll be able to call non-Skype users directly out of Skype and to commence chats directly from your Outlook contacts list.
  • Skype Office Toolbar: this add-on will enable you to access Skype directly out of other Office applications. This way you can place Skype calls directly out of any other Office application.
  • Skype Web Toolbar: this add-on automatically identifies Skype user names and Skype phone numbers in webpages and enables you to call them directly from the webpage via your browser.


And, you're done! Now, you just have to select the add-ons that suit you best and enhance Skype with the features most relevant for you!

Good luck!

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