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Recommended Video Editing Software Programs

Video Editing Software Programs

There's no doubt that there are many software programs out there that enable users to convert files between formats. However, they don't always enable users to edit video files, to add effects, to add soundtrack and so on and so forth.

This article presents a list of video editing software programs for Windows and Linux that enable users to add effects and subtitles, to edit the soundtrack, to merge and export photos out of videos, separate videos or change video size, to create presentations or to upload videos onto YouTube.
In order to thoroughly execute a video project, a set of software programs is required, spanning conversion, photo editing, audio editing, DVD creating and burning, playing and encoding, in addition to video editing which is an additional and necessary phase of the process.


A video editing and movie creation software program built into Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Its user interface is easy to use and classic editing actions can be performed: creating shorter clips out of a video file, creating a DVD, adding effects, editing audio and converting files between formats.
Its video and presentation editing capabilities are limited to the novice user. For such users it's mainly efficient in saving files in AVI and WMV formats and in uploading movie clips onto MSN Soapbox service.
It was excluded from Microsoft's new operating system – Windows 7 but it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website through windows updates or as a part of windows live package.

Download Microsoft Movie Maker for free

Free Video Converter

This software program sports a user friendly interface which is very much similar to Office 2007. Despite its name which suggests that this is a conversion software program its main purpose is editing video files and dividing them into several sections or chapters. It encompasses adding, editing, division, merging and converting video files capabilities.
It was developed by Extensoft which defines itself as a complimenting solution for products Windows lack. This one is the only software program offered for free.
Supported formats include: AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, RM and WMV.
Supported devices and external services include: iPod, iPhone, HDTV and YouTube.
Effects and Animation


An open source software program designed for creating animation and computer graphics. A large variety of templates, effects, fonts and text can be added to enhance the software program's capabilities. All relevant information needed to create clips can be accessed on the website. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

ZS4 Video Editor

A powerful video editing software program including over 150 built in effects.
Video Editing Software Programs for Linux


This software program is a collection of open source folders which contain different tools, encoders and converters used for recording, converting, compressing and encoding audio and video files. It offers no Windows interface but, rather, it's activated by typing in commands. Numerous conversion software programs use this engine as the foundations for the graphic interface they've created.


A video editing software program for Windows, Linux and Mac. Several video segments can be added to the multitrack timelines clipboard. Effects can be added, edited and then saved in the desired format.
Online Video Editing Services
Slowly, online video editing services are becoming available without requiring users to install any software programs and only to register to the service in order to save created videos.


An online service which enables uploading, editing, sharing and storing video files. Video clips and photos can be imported from different websites: Facebook, Flickr, Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Helius and MSN. Users can also add, merge and cut soundtrack.

Written by Moshe Harel
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/itbananas

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