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Removing Red Eyes from Your Perfect Picture

What a wonderful trip and a sensational experience. You've been meticulously planning it for so long and indeed every second of it was pure pleasure and fun. Luckily, just before the battery died out you took a few pictures as an everlasting reminder of the trip and the fun times you and your family had had on it. You come home and download your pictures from your digital camera to your personal computer only to find your beautiful pictures ruined by unappealing, glowing red eyes from the camera flashes. At this point, the faint of heart would throw their hands in the air in despair and cry out in agony and anguish forever giving up hope of restoring their pictures to their former glory. The more reasonable, and hopefully most of us, would simply use one of the many great tools available today to remove red eyes effects from otherwise perfect pictures, thus saving the pictures, the memories encapsulated in them and the related costs of seeing a therapist for several months.
Some of the great free tools to be found for this purpose on our site include Photo Pos Pro, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, DreamLight Photo Editor, Studioline Photo Basic and others. Some are more advanced software programs suitable for more experienced users while some offer basic options and an intuitive interface that can be easily and quickly put to use by novice users.
These tools offer both basic and advanced photo editing and manipulating options such as the ability to handle files in various formats, improving exposure and color tones problems, enlarging pictures, rotating pictures and taking care of red eye effects among many others capabilities.
Using these software programs you can easily save yourself the heartache of seeing your precious memories and pictures go to waste.

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