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Skype Common Problems – Fix Audio and Video Issues


While using Skype to place calls you might run into some audio or video difficulties or problems. In order to refrain from sufficing with a lesser Skype experience here are a few helpful tips to resolve such issues.


Skype video trouble:

First and foremost it would be prudent to check if your webcam is Skype compatible. Not all webcams support Skype and therefore you should verify that the one you're using does. In order to do so select the 'Tools' tab, and then select 'Options':




In the screen that opens:




Select the 'General' tab and then the 'Video settings' tab. If your webcam supports Skype you'll immediately be able to see on screen what ever your webcam is picking up. If you see nothing, then your webcam might not be properly connected to your computer or it doesn’t support Skype.

If you're watching your webcam's feed, it's properly hooked up to your computer, it probably supports Skype, and it most likely not the source for the problems you're experiencing.

Additional recommended steps should you encounter difficulties with your webcam while using Skype:

  • Verify that your webcam is in working order by launching other applications that use it in order to see whether it's working or not. While doing so, make sure there isn’t any other active application that's using the webcam (such as video editing applications, instant messengers, etc.). such software programs may prevent Skype from using your webcam
  • You should also verify that your webcam driver is up to date and that you have the latest Skype version installed on your computer
  • You should also verify that you have the latest operating system's version installed
  • If your webcam doesn’t work While holding a group video call, or if one of the other participants' webcam doesn’t work, verify that all members of the call are using Skype's latest version

If your webcam is working but you're unhappy with video quality, try these tips:

  • Verify that there's sufficient lighting in the room you're sitting in
  • Verify your webcam settings
  • Make sure you're using Skype's latest version


Skype audio trouble:

While using Skype, you might experience some audio related difficulties.

If you're holding a video call but are unable to hear your partner, or your partner is unable to hear you, try the following tips:

  • Make sure that your speakers or earphones are properly plugged in and that you haven’t accidently turned on any muting options. In addition, make sure that your microphone is properly plugged in
  • Use Skype's audio test feature. Look it up in your contacts list, activate it, and follow the instructions:




If you can hear your recorded message, both your microphone and speakers are in fine working order

  • If you still can't hear your partner, or if your partner still can't hear you, make sure that you're using your operating system's latest version and Skype's latest version
  • You should also check Skype's audio settings. In order to do so, get back to Skype's main menu, select the 'Tools' tab, and then select 'Options':




  • Then, select the 'General' tab, and the 'Audio settings' tab. Click the arrow as demonstrated:




If you hear sounds out of your speakers, your Skype settings seem to be in perfect order and the problem probably resides with your partner

  • If you can't hear a sound, make sure that your speakers are selected in the drop down list under 'Speakers'. If they're not selected, select them. You should also make sure that your microphone is likewise selected. Make sure that the volume is set high enough in the same window


And, you're done! After resolving these issues you should be able to use Skype easily and effectively!

Good luck!


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