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Skype for Portable Gaming Consoles

If you simply can't separate from your portable gaming console and you find it just as hard to separate from your Skype contacts, try using Skype's portable gaming consoles' version.


How is it done, you ask?

Skype supports two portable gaming consoles: PS Vita and PSP.


Skype for PS Vita

In order to use Skype on your PS Vita device you'll have to download Skype's appropriate version, as it doesn’t come built into your device. You can download Skype through your PSN account.

After you've downloaded Skype and launched it on your PS Vita device, you'll be able to:

  • Create a new Skype account
  • Edit contacts' details, manage contacts, and add new contacts
  • Acquire Skype Credit
  • Capture profile photos
  • Change your Skype password
  • Pause calls
  • Forward calls to a number of your choosing


Skype for PS Vita does not support:

  • Upgrading your account into a Skype Premium account
  • Instant messaging
  • Sending text messages


Skype for PSP



In order to use Skype on your PSP device please make sure you have one of the PSP-2000 series devices (other devices are not supported), compatible earphones and a compatible microphone, a Wi-Fi connection, and a memory card of at least 1MB that will allow Skype to run smoothly.

In order to launch Skype on your PSP device select the 'Network' icon, locate Skype and select it. After typing in your login details you can start using Skype on your PSP device.

After launching Skype on your PSP device you'll be able to:

  • Place audio calls to other Skype users
  • Call mobile phones or landlines (for a fee)
  • Receive incoming Skype calls
  • Forward calls to a number of your choosing
  • View your first 150 contacts. Skype for PSP does not support viewing more than 150 contacts. If you have over 150 contacts, you can set up a new Skype account which will contain your preferred contacts and access Skype on your PSP device through that account


Skype for PSP does not support:

  • Instant messaging
  • Video calls
  • File transfer
  • Placing audio calls while playing a game. In order to make an audio call you'll first have to quit your game


Please note that Skype will keep running in the background in order to pick up incoming calls, for example. This means that Skype will use network resources and battery. If you wish to avoid this you'll have to shut down Skype completely.

Good luck!

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