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Skype For Savvies

Skype provides average users with great basic features that are mainly aimed at placing video calls to family, friends, and colleagues.

However, Skype offers the savvy user several more advanced features.


File sharing

Using Skype, you can send files of any size and of any type during a video call or an audio call to a single recipient or to several recipients. Naturally, you can also receive such files from your contacts without having to pay for it.

In order to send a file during a chat conversation, select a contact, press the + button, and select the 'Send file' option:




Choose the file you'd like to send and confirm. If you need to send more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting additional files.

Alternatively, you can position your mouse cursor over the desired contact, right-click it, and then select the 'Send files' option:




Similarly, you can send files during an audio call, a video call, or a group video call. Follow the previous instructions during your call and you'll be able to send the desired files.

If you receive a file from one of your contacts, select the 'Save as' option and proceed to saving it on your computer.


Video recording

In order to record your Skype video calls you'll have to download one of the suitable add-ons as Skype does not support video recording on its own.


Screen sharing

Skype's screen sharing feature enables you to share your screen with any other Skype user. This is a great feature that can sure come in handy and effective regarding academic presentations, marketing presentations, study groups, or watching photos with friends or family. You'll be able to share your screen for free with a single Skype user via a Skype audio call. If you've upgraded your account into a Skype Premium account you'll be able to share your screen with several users during an audio call or a video call.

In order to share your screen, select a contact, click the dial icon, wait for the call to begin, and then click the + button, and select the 'Share screens' option:




Then, approve the screen sharing. By using the small arrow on the bottom of the screen you'll be able to choose whether to share the entire screen or a specific window which can be selected from a list of open windows that Skype will present you with.

You can stop sharing your screen at any given moment by selecting the appropriate option.


Incoming call forwarding

If you'd like to forward your incoming Skype calls to another mobile number or landline, so you'll be able to remain available to incoming calls from your contacts even if you're away from your computer or even if you're not logged into Skype, the Call Forwarding feature is the perfect solution for you. You can also select forwarding incoming Skype calls to a contact from your contacts list.

Please note that while forwarding incoming Skype calls to a contact from your contacts list can be done for free, forwarding calls to a mobile phone or to a landline can be done for a charge.

If you've acquired Voice Mail and activated Call Forwarding at the same time, the call will first be forwarded to the destination you've set, and only if it will remain unanswered will it be directed to your voice mail.

If you wish to use Skype's Call Forwarding feature, select the 'Tools' tab, and then 'Options':




Select 'Calls' and then 'Call forwarding':




Then select the 'Call forwarding options' option, where you can activate the service, set the number to which you'd like your incoming Skype calls to be directed to, after how much time, etc.:




If you wish to cancel call forwarding simply uncheck the checkbox with which you've activated the service.


Good luck!


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