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Skype's Group Video Calls

There's no doubt that modern communication means present us with plenty of options. Besides using carrier pigeons that have graduated from London's Royal School of Aviation, and besides using over zealous messenger foxes, group video calls are one of the best ways to communicate with family, friends, or colleagues regardless of their physical whereabouts, whether they're in another town, another country, or even another planet (in which case we'd recommend neglecting a friendly Skype call and alerting the relevant authorities).

Skype offers a great tool for making group video calls for free, calls that can include up to 10 participants. Using Skype in order to make such calls is easy and simple, just bear in mind that in order to do so, at least one participant has to have a premium Skype account.


How is it done, you ask?

After logging into your Skype account, you'll be able to see at the left hand side of Skype's interface several icons, and below them your full contact list:




Select the group activity icon as shown:




Then, simply select the contacts that you'd like to include in the group video call and drag them into the designated area:




As previously mentioned, you can add up to 10 contacts to a single group video call.

After you select the desired contacts and include everyone you want to take part of the group video call, select the group call icon:




After the call begins you'll even be able to share files with your call partners and make it even more effective. Whether you're talking with family members with whom you're eager to share photos and whether you're engaged in a business conference call based on a presentation that all participants need to view, Skype's group video call is the ideal solution for you, and one that's offered for free.

And, you're done! You've successfully initiated and executed a group video call and you don't even have to worry about snacks and beverages (except for yourselves, of course)! 


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