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The blogger who went from $5 a day to $500 a day in less than 3 months


We are happy to share the Story of James Harper, who tells how he made it from a freelance writer into a star blogger, making very nice income. The interview was conducted over email and phone, letting Janes tell his story from his own point of view.

Today, James is the owner of BuildYourOwnBlog.net which gives a step by step guide on “How to open a blog”


From Unpublished Writer to Star Blogger

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. I have always had a fascination with the written word and have always loved to read and write. My first stories were terrible and tended to be about the things that interested me the most as a curious and mischievous child, namely spies, football and Ninja Turtles, but in later years I moved onto short stories and novels, covering a wide range of genres. Although I didn’t realize it so much in the beginning, the early days were more about developing my craft creatively, about learning how to write a narrative and how to put together a novel. It wasn’t making any money for me so I had to concentrate my efforts elsewhere.


That’s when I discovered blogging. It began as an outlet for opinions, something to do that could keep me writing and learning. I was working in an office part-time and often found that my creative energy was drained by the time I arrived home, far too drained to work on any creative projects. So, blogging was a way to keep my brain ticking over. I didn’t expect anything to happen but before long I was getting a handful of readers and followers. Within a couple of weeks I was making $5 a day from my exploits. That’s when I realized that there was a lot of potential to it, my words were not only being read but they were being enjoyed and commented on.


For reasons not related to my blogging, I ended up quitting my job in the office. It simply wasn't for me. That gave me much more time to concentrate on my blog so I decided that in the interim between quitting my job and finding another, I would devote all of my time to my blog.


Four weeks later, I was offered a full-time job which I promptly turned down, because by then I was making $200 a day from blogging, a figure that continued to climb. In another 8 weeks, just 3 months after I was making an average of $5 a day, my income exceeded $500 a day just from blogging.



What Next?


Obviously, creating such a successful blog is just the first step, the next is to make sure that it remains successful. As it happens, I sold that blog. I had been working on a few other blogs concurrently and they were getting bigger and bigger, so when I was offered a large sum of money I took it and moved onto the others. I began to blog full-time, working under a variety of pen names, genres and topics, and before long I was turning over successful blogs once or twice a month. Not only was I making a steady stream of income from advertising, but I was also receiving large windfalls on a regular basis, and when I sold one successful blog, I simply started another.


It wasn’t 100% perfect for me and many of my blogs didn’t get off the ground, but rather than wasting my time on them, I anticipated their eminent failure and dropped them before I wasted too much time, moving my efforts onto new projects and only spending a lot of time on them when they began to do well.  It probably sounds a lot simpler than it was, but it wasn’t too complicated. I wasn’t particular skilled at advertising, nor was I a gifted webmaster or developer. I followed a few simple rules, which I have outlined in this article so that you can emulate my success.


How I Did It


This is going to sound very simple, but only because it is. The trick to maintaining a successful blog is writing good, engaging content on a regular basis. If you ensure that you have an attractive page and you post on a regular basis, then people will come and once they do then you can start to attract revenue by using AdWords and other affiliate schemes. These are the steps I followed when making my first blog, and what I continue to do to this day:


  1. Find Your Niche: The first step is to decide what content you are going to write about. You want something that is as fresh and as engaging as possible. If you have strong opinions on topical matters, then this is a good angle; if you play a lot of games and watch a lot of films and TV, then a review blog is what you should create.
  2. Set it Up: There are many free providers out there, but you want to host your own blog so that you have full control of the advertisements. It doesn’t cost a lot, I set up my first blog for what equated to around $5 a month, not too bad considering in as little as three months I was making 100 times that per day.
  3. Keep Busy: You need to write a lot. In the beginning it can be disheartening as your first few posts may only be read by one or two people, if any. Many people fall at this hurdle and assume the blog has failed, but that’s not the case. If you’re still in that position after several weeks and dozens of posts then you can make such assumptions, but during those first few days you need to ignore how few people are reading your blog and concentrate on writing good content. If your content is very impressive then you might not need to wait for the search engines to help you, I have had posts that have been shared by hundreds of people on Facebook and Twitter within hours of posting them, and when this happens success is guaranteed.
  4. Read, Comment and Share: As well as writing and posting your own blogs, you need to read others and comment on them. If you also share them or Twitter/Facebook, or reblog them yourself, then those bloggers will be more inclined to do the same to your blog posts.
  5. Index and Wait: Google and Bing will probably be your main source of hits, certainly in the long term and definitely if you write timeless content. So, sign up at Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and index your blog. Don’t forget to “fetch” your links to speed up the process of indexing. Be prepared to wait at least 3 weeks for anything to happen, and you may even need to wait for up to 3 months.
  6. Backlinks: Whilst you wait on Google, you can concentrate on achieving a higher ranking when the indexing does happening. To do this you need to have as many quality backlinks as possible. You can achieve this by link swapping with similar sites, sharing the blog on social media and even using it in your signature and posting relevant topics on message boards and chat rooms.
  7. Money: Once you’ve sorted out the hits and the content, you need to work on monetizing it. AdWords is the best advertising vehicle for many blogs and websites, but that doesn’t mean you should discredit other affiliates. If you have an adult-based blog then your best bet is probably to join an adult affiliate. Gambling sites work well here, but don’t overload your page with ads and spoil the reading experience.


Believe it or not, that’s it. A lot of work is needed and, along with writing regular blogs, it can be very time consuming, but there are few things more satisfying in this world than receiving regular income from something that you have created yourself from scratch. If the blog does become a success and if it concentrates on broad subjects such as film, TV, games, etc., then there’s a chance that you could receive an offer from someone looking to buy it. More often than not these are large companies, but smaller, independent businesses and individuals are also looking to get in on the act, preferring to buy an established website than to go to the trouble of making one themselves. My advice, if you have the time, is to make more than one blog at any given time. That way, if both blogs are a success, then you can sell one without a second thought, whereas if only one is a success, the option to sell is not advisable.


Visit BuildYourOwnBlog.net to learn how to open a successful blog and turn it into a money making machine.



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