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Uninstalling Skype

If you need to completely remove Skype from your computer, or remove Skype and reinstall it, you'll be able to easily remove it with this how-to manual.


How is it done, you ask?



Reaching Skype's removal interface can be done in two ways:

Option 1

Click your desktop 'Start' button. Then select 'Run'. In the command line type: appwiz.cpl and confirm.

Option 2

Alternatively, click your desktop 'Start' button, then select 'My computer', and then select 'Add or remove programs' from the right hand side menu.



Both of these ways should present you with the list of software programs installed on your computer. Please note that waiting for the list to load might take a few moments. Once you're presented with the complete list, scroll down until you locate Skype.

Then, select it and press 'Remove'. Confirm again that you indeed wish to have Skype uninstalled in order to commence Skype's removal from your computer.

Please note that the removal process might take a few moments.


And, you're done! You've successfully uninstalled Skype. Now, you can reinstall it or use any other means of communication you like!

Good luck!


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