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Everything You Need to Know About Browser Fingerprinting Web Software
Data collection and tracking methods are extremely important because it is what helps companies profile you based on your online preferences. The more they know about you as an online user, the easier it will be for them to target you with proper advertisements with the main goal of increasing their revenues. What methods are used to do this? Read on to find out.
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How to Access Facebook in China For Free? Communications Software
There are some very popular, safe and legal ways through which you can access Facebook in China for absolutely free. Read on find out more about the three most popular ways by which you can bypass the Great Firewall to access not just Facebook but any website that you want.
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Free VPN Scam: VPN Master Web Browsers
There are many high of quality free VPNs available, but, there are also some that have been specifically developed for the purpose of scamming you and spreading malware. One such company that is performing this scam is VPN Master. Read on see which VPN Master apps you should avoid, as well as tips for testing VPNs for malware and information on some safe free services.
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Does ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix? Programming Software
For people that enjoy watching foreign content , Netflix has created a VPN detection system that unfortunately restricts its free viewing. There is however one VPN service that provides unrestricted access to Netflix at all times. ExpressVPN has done a great job of unblocking the service. Here’s a breakdown of ExpressVPN’s current compatibility with the streaming service.
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Are VPNs Illegal? Communications Software
Various governments and countries have banned the use of VPNs and have declared them illegal as many people have begun to use them to carry out malicious and mysterious activities. So, are VPNs illegal in your country? Read on to find out.
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Everything You Need to Know about VPN – A Beginner’s Guide Windows Utilities
To help you understand what a VPN is, we decided to create this beginner-friendly guide that will give you the straightforward information that you need to know. This guide will help you understand what a VPN is, why you should be using it and how you can use it. It might sound “too techy” and complicated but it really isn’t and after reading our guide, you will know everything you need to.
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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 101 Windows Utilities
The Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) is the most popular and widely used code/cipher/algorithm that companies, which have an online presence, employ to ensure the security of all online information. Most of the online world today; companies, big and small, rely on AES to secure their online data. This post is a beginner's guide to AES; a simplistic, non-technical explanation of a rather highly technical topic.
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Free online clocks - no install required Clocks & Timers
Use the coolest web apps as online clocks, countdown, timer and stop watch. No setup or install is required
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Interview with the developer of ‘Showmysoft!’– Justin Jacob Tools & Utilities
From time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Justin Jacob who will talk about Showmysoft!.
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Interview with the BD Manager of ‘YAC- Yet Another Cleaner’– Monica Wurina Windows Utilities
From time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Monica Wurina who will talk about YAC.
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File Extensions explained Tools & Utilities
Every file on your computer has to follow a simple format, this includes the rootname, or base filename, and the file extension. Examples of filename extensions are .png, .jpeg, .exe, .dmg and .txt.
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How to associate a file with a program in Windows Tools & Utilities
How does Windows know what program to use to open your file? Follow these simple steps to learn how to associate programs with the file extensions in Windows.
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Windows 8 – Display file extensions Tools & Utilities
By default, Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, will hide file extensions of known file types. Follow these simple steps to enable the file extensions view in Windows 8.
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Automation Tools and Some Neat Ways to Create Launch Menus Automation Software
This article explores several solutions for automatically launching sequences of actions, activities and commands without necessitating users to take any action on their part. Furthermore, this article reviews several software programs for creating launching menus in various styles which can be activated from your local PC or your USB drive, or burnt onto a CD.
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How to Automatically Organize and Catalogue Files Automation Software
Working on our PCs day in, day out, we usually accumulate quite a number of files which are stored in different folders through various disk partitions. After a while, locating and managing our files can prove to be difficult, or at least challenging.
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Let Your Computer Do Your Reading for You – Text Reading Software Programs Tools & Utilities
Don't settle for just reading the information you need. Why not also hear it? And while you're at it, why not hearing it while being engaged in other activities thus saving time and using it more efficiently?
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Epic Battles of Software – RAR Vs Zip Tools & Utilities
An epic standoff between RAR and Zip! Which will come out victorious?
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Automation Tools Tools & Utilities
Work on your PC more efficiently and more quickly using these great and simple to use automation tools.
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Audio Recording on Your PC Tools & Utilities
Enjoy later the sound you're hearing right now with some great audio recording software programs.
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Automatic Shutdown – a Great Way to Save Energy and Related Costs Automation Software
Two great software programs to help cut back on electricity expenses and as a derivative save money.
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File Compression – Make Your Big Files More Manageable File Compression
Save space and time compressing large files into smaller and more comfortable files with some great file compressing software programs.
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