10 Best Proxy Services for 2019

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May 23, 2022
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More and more people are taking steps to try and keep their data and tracks private.  With this in mind, there are more and more virtual private network (VPN) services popping up, and it’s sometimes hard to find the best option!  There are of course, a number of things you should bear in mind when connecting to a proxy service.
Proxy services and VPNs allow internet users to bypass their service providers to connect to an alternative.  This way, their internet use is kept private, and they can access different international services that may have been blocked.  It is completely legal to use a VPN, and therefore, there’s never been a better time to look for an affordable and reliable proxy.
Having tested a wide range of proxy and VPN services from all over the world, we’ve found the very best – here’s our top ten!
NordVPN is an all-singing, all-dancing privacy service that allows you to unlock international services with ease.  You’ll be able to do so at top speed, and there’s a ton of security features involved, too.  Privacy is top of the bill with NordVPN, which is precisely what you want from a talented proxy.

• Pros: Easily one of the best VPNs on the market, it’s a great entry-level download and suite to manage your security with.

• Cons: If you’re just looking for a simple proxy, the price tag attached may not be worth the price of admission.

ExpressVPN is a regularly-highlighted VPN and proxy service which tops plenty of lists online – and why not?  Boasting a colossal number of features and extensive functionality from platform to platform, this is a speedy service that keeps hands off as far as usage logs are concerned.
• Pros: An ideal option for users who have never taken on a VPN before, ExpressVPN is a celebrated system with tons of options and apps on iOS and Android.
• Cons: It’s one of the more expensive options for proxy services and VPNs online.
Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield is a popular option for many internet users, whether streaming or gaming.  The service offers plenty of functionality for P2P sharing, and you can even take advantage of a completely free edition.  It is however, supported by advertising.
• Pros: Very fast and with free versions available for you to enjoy, it’s one of the more popular choices for browsers everywhere.
• Cons: As far as privacy is concerned, some may be worried that Hotspot Shield’s US jurisdiction could mean that logs are kept.
ProtonVPN is another name that’s popular with plenty of users looking for added privacy online, and it’s one of the main selling points of the software.  While some VPN services focus on speed and servers, ProtonVPN keeps its users safe and secure wherever or whatever they may be browsing.  There’s a free option, too.
• Pros: A free version and a thorough approach to security and privacy tick many of the boxes as far as proxy customers are concerned.
• Cons: There may be more servers and features available with other VPN platforms.
If the name doesn’t give the game away, Private Internet Access completely protects your online privacy and browsing.  Usable across various devices and browsers, this is often one of the top picks for industry experts and privacy enthusiasts alike.  It’ll block adverts, secure your data transfer and will help you to fine-tune your experience completely.
• Pros: Torrenting and P2P are supported with a thorough focus on privacy and security.  It’s also massively available.
• Cons: The interface and system in general, can take a little time to get used to if you are new to VPNs in general.
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As a VPN provider with a focus on proxies, VPNBook should be one of your first ports of call for privacy.  This anonymous web proxy service will allow you to browse the web with complete and utter anonymity.  Many options are completely free, too!
• Pros: Many free options, and many server options available for you to choose from.  Feature-rich.
• Cons: At present, you won’t be able to block certain features such as cookies and certain scripts.
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Hide.me is a dual proxy and VPN service that has your privacy and security at the heart of everything it does.  It’s one of the speedier proxy services online, and you can use it to block a variety of potentially harmful web elements and intrusive factors.  At the base level, it’s completely free, though you’ll have to pay for the full VPN.
• Pros: Completely anonymous browsing and internet protection for free.
• Cons: To get the best of the service, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.
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As the name suggests, ProxySite.com supplies you with access to several websites via proxy with ease.  Completely secured by SSL and a free option for those web users looking for specific sites to browse without tracking, it’s a popular choice worldwide.
• Pros: Plenty of major sites are catered to, and completely free proxy access is always something to look for.
• Cons: Once again, full VPN access comes at a cost – and you can only browse specific listed sites.
HideMyAss is one of the most popular proxy services around, mainly because it’s free and also because it brings together a vast number of VPN proxies worldwide.  It’s fast and it’s one of the easiest ways to get connected in private without having to pay out.
• Pros: Super-fast and remarkably capable, it’s also completely free.
• Cons: Some logging is involved for a few months.
If you need a thoroughly comprehensive service with regards to internet privacy, IPVanish has you covered.  An amazing number of servers and dedication to anti-logging comes as standard.  It’s a service you’ll have to pay for, but many agree it is more than worth it.
• Pros: Lots of servers and incredible focus on your privacy – no logging is involved, and you can connect to all sites at a minimal cost.
• Cons: There are VPN services with interfaces that are easier to manage.