AI-Powered Traffic Routing for Maximum Online Security

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Data security is one of the primary concerns of anyone using the Internet on a regular basis. As technological advances continue to evolve, we spend more and more time online, so we’re naturally more at risk of someone stealing or misusing our sensitive information.
This is mainly because we buy products and services online and use digital platforms to pay our bills so it has become much easier for hackers to gain access to our credit card details and various personal information. As much as it makes our lives easier, the Internet has become an enemy of sorts.
What can you do to protect your sensitive information and successfully bar all the cybersecurity gates? The answer lies in a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that encrypts your IP address and makes it virtually impossible for anyone to know your IP and see who and where you are. Incredible, right?
But, what if I told you that you can add an extra layer of security and maximally protect your privacy in a VPN? That’s where NeuroRouting comes in.
What Is NeuroRouting?
NeuroRouting is a new feature currently offered only by the Perfect Privacy VPN and ZorroVPN. It is a dynamic, multi-hop VPN setup that encrypts your traffic across multiple servers and provides you with absolute anonymity on the Internet.
How does it work?
Every VPN network has multiple servers, that is, hops. When you want to visit a particular website, your VPN network will enable it by connecting you to the server closest to your physical location, that way providing you with the shortest route to the target server and website and naturally, the fastest possible connection.
Since your VPN will encrypt your IP address, that is, replace your IP address with an address of the server you are connected to, no one can actually see your real IP. This is because it virtually places you in a different location. Moreover, VPNs don’t process any connection logs that can show them who is using specific IPs so there is no way of knowing who and where you are.
Now, when you want to visit several websites, the static VPN server you are connected to will broadcast the same IP address to all those websites. If someone is externally monitoring that particular server and looking at all the incoming and outgoing IP addresses, they can use triangulation to accurately determine your location, regardless of the encryption you have.
This is where NeuroRouting comes into play. It dynamically routes all traffic across a particular VPN, that is across multiple servers in the VPN. It is powered by AI, which is Google’s open-source software library for dataflow programming called TensorFlow.
Since it uses machine learning technology, the feature is capable of analyzing all the possible routes to a particular website you want to visit and finding you the shortest and most secure route, effectively reducing the number of points of potential attack.
AI enables it to constantly learn, so it will always find the best route to a given website. This means that there is no way of someone knowing which route you are going to take when trying to access a website. No one can predict your traffic routes since NeuroRouting is dynamic and changes your routes frequently.
As it routes your traffic across multiple servers, it provides you with multiple IP addresses simultaneously, each for every single website you visit. This means that every website you check out will show a single unique IP address that will correspond to the last hop in the multi-hop route, that is, the last server in the chain of connection.
All of this makes way to a significantly more secure connection. You will protect your anonymity and all of your data as long as the NeuroRouting feature is enabled. That’s what its main purpose actually is – to help you safely browse the Internet without a single worry that someone will know who you are, where you are located, and potentially find their way through and steal or misuse your data.
How Can You Activate the NeuroRouting Feature?
If you are using a VPN that offers NeuroRouting (either Perfect Privacy VPN or ZorroVPN), you can easily activate it by accessing the VPN’s member dashboard where all you need to do is toggle on the feature. Once activated, it will stay enabled every time you connect to your VPN server. It takes several minutes for it to activate and it will perfectly work on all your devices and all available protocols.
You can conduct a NeuroRouting test to see how you broadcast different IP addresses across your VPN when you enable the feature and see whether or not it is actually working. There shouldn’t be any problems but it certainly couldn’t hurt to check.
When conducting the test, don’t be alarmed if you see duplicate IP addresses in the results. This is because the results depend on your VPN server’s location and the particular route to the test website you are using, that is, its server.
That’s why you should test on several different test websites. You will know that the NeuroRouting feature is working if the test results from different sites differ from one another.
NeuroRouting is absolutely one of the best VPN features to hit the market in a very long time. It is definitely here to stay, and we are certainly yet to witness its amazing power, as it is bound to continually improve. New technological innovations and the rise of AI are making it possible for us to embrace a future that may seem like it’s straight out of science fiction movies, but it’s actually quite real and it’s finally here.
If you still would rather use a free VPN, which doesn’t mean that your privacy would be compromised in any way, there are a lot of free VPNs you can choose from. Among the most popular ones are ExpressVPN and NordVPN, both of which offer plenty of servers and outstanding speeds so you should definitely give them a try – it’s completely free.