Automatic Shutdown – a Great Way to Save Energy and Related Costs

Leon King
Leon King
May 17, 22



In today's economic environment of ever rising prices and costs, saving energy and related costs has evolved from a nice cause to a bare necessity.

One of these 'silent killers' is your own home personal computer. Most users leave their computer on after they had finished working with it. Some even leave it on for hours or even days. While on, even if in sleep mode or even unused, your personal computer still uses electricity. Going virtually nowhere, this electricity usage results in energy waste and in an inflated electric bill. Nowadays there's no need to put up with losing money over nothing nor is there a need to rely only on your overloaded memory.

In order to avoid wasting energy and in order to cut back on redundant and inflated costs many users turn to automatic computer shutdown software. These software take the load off of your shoulders and do the remembering for you. Among these money saving software you'll find Auto Shutdown, PC Auto Shutdown and many more.

Some of the great things you can do with automatic computer shutdown software are listed below.

  • Turn your system off or even turn your computer off at predetermined hours.
  • Set a shutdown count back – decide how many hours and minutes are left to shutdown and let the program remember for you and take care of actually shutting the computer down.
  • Predefine certain events that upon occurring will induce system or computer shutdown.

After utilizing these software you'll be pleasantly surprised to receive your next electric bill. For example, the author of this article, a forgetful type of fellow, had set his automatic shutdown program for precisely 23:00 every night

Download for free: PC Auto Shutdown or Shutdown Tool