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September 3, 2022

Website Purchase Agreement

This website purchase agreement shall be used when one party intends to sell the other a complete website (domain plus the associated website). This Agreement is detailed and balanced in that it safeguards the interests of both parties. 

This Website Purchase Agreement can be used when one party intends to sell another party a complete website. A complete website constitutes a domain alongside the associated website and web content. This Agreement safeguards the interests of both parties involved. Listed below are the key relevant terms and conditions included in the Purchase Agreement:

  • Purchase price
  • Method of website delivery
  • Process for the transfer of ownership

This document also contains the payment methods, seller warranties, and a non-compete clause to prevent the Seller from competing with the buyer for an agreed period.

Please note that this agreement can be used for the sale of your own business only. You can post it on your website as long as proper credit to the source is mentioned by providing a link to its origin.

Guidelines to Modify the Document

  • Leave the text that is enclosed in ( ) brackets.
  • The text in [[ ]] should be deleted or the word(s) preceding it should be replaced with the proper terms.
  • The text in [ ] should be replaced with the proper word. For example, replace [his] with “her” or “their” or vice versa.
  • All the blank spaces __________ should be filled accordingly.

Domain Name and Website Purchase Agreement

  1. Recitals

This Domain Name and Website Purchase agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) is made as of [MM-DD-YYYY], and between [Seller Name], [Domain name] whose registered office is at [ADDRESS] (hereinafter the “Seller”), and [Buyer Name], [Buyer Address] (hereinafter the “Buyer”).

  1. Website Purchase

Subject to the particulars of this agreement, the Seller at this moment sells and transfers to the Buyer and all of the related Seller’s rights, name, title, and claims in and to the Website _______________ (hereinafter the “Website”) and any other rights that are associated with the Website, including, but not limited to, any intellectual property rights, all the associated domains, any agreements, customer information, email lists, usernames, passwords, trade names, logos, trademarks, graphics, content, programming, database and all the relevant social media accounts including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other rights associated with the website.

  1. Payment Terms

In consideration for the sale of the Website as defined above, the Buyer concurs to pay the Seller the amount of $ ______________. The mentioned amount shall be paid within _____________ [days], [weeks], [years] from the date of this Agreement. If the Buyer fails to pay within the agreed period, this Agreement may be canceled by the Seller at his own discretion. It is also agreed that the Seller has paid all the due taxes payable by [him] concerning the Website. There is no claim or dispute regarding the taxes payable by the Seller that he is aware of, and the Seller is not currently under audit or examination by any governmental body.

  1. Seller’s Obligations

Seller concurs to facilitate and expedite the Website transfer process along with all its contents mentioned above. The Seller also agrees to show up at the time of need agreed by both parties.

  1. Representations and Warranties by the Seller
  • The Seller possesses all the required rights, power, and authority to sign and carry out all the obligations under this Agreement.
  • The Seller has complete ownership of the Website and has no disputes or claims with any third party regarding the rights to the Website.
  • The Seller confirms that the Website business is stable, and expects no revenue or traffic loss.
  • The implementation and accomplishment of this Agreement by the Seller will not add to or result in a violation of any material agreement, to which the Seller is a party.
  1. Indemnity

It is the responsibility of the Seller to defend, indemnify and hold the Buyer, [his] staff, and advisors harmless from all the claims, losses, damages, and liabilities arising out or resulting from the Website operation, content, or any breach or wrongful conduct of the Seller prior to the effective date of the Agreement mentioned above.

  1. Revenue History

The approximate total revenue for the year _______ was $________.

  1. Non-Compete Agreement

The Seller of the Website will not compete with the Buyer with any other similar website for a fixed period of ___________.

  1. Invalidity or Severability

In case of any conflict between any terms of this Agreement and any rule, regulation, law, or order affecting this Agreement, the affected terms of this Agreement shall have no value, and shall, where applicable, be reduced to the extent needed to bring it within the boundaries of such rule, law or regulations but otherwise, it shall not affect other terms of this Agreement.

  1. Assignment

The Buyer agrees and cannot sell, transfer, lease, or grant the Website to any other party during the term of this Agreement.

Signed this _____________ day of ____________, 20____.

Seller: _________________________

By: ___________________________

Buyer: _________________________


This template is also available at Google Docs – Here


This document is for general reference only, and we do not provide any guarantee, warranty, or promise that it is suitable for your transaction. Additionally, this agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the jurisdiction of the Country or State you live in. Please refer to your lawyer for confirmation and legitimacy of this document. You can use this document on your website, as long as you give proper credit and link to the original source.