Having Trouble Managing Your Ever Growing Customer Base? CRM-Express Offers You a Fast Track for Success

May <00pam5>17</00pam5>, <00pam5>2022</00pam5>


In today's dynamic and ever changing business world, keeping track of your customer base is not a mere privilege – it's a necessity. Running the show, you can't expect to maintain sufficient control over your business activities and processes, relying on the old fashioned pen and notebook. You can't expect to reach deeper into the market while single handedly taking care of marketing, sales and collection using only an Excel chart, as sophisticated as that chart may be. Nevertheless, you can't be expected to purchase CRM software tens of thousands of dollars worth. In light of these exact issues CRM-Express was developed.

CRM-Express if a free, high quality and multi-user CRM tool.

As a business owner, you'll find some of CRM-Express' features to be of great value to your business, substantially simplifying existing processes and enabling new customer related activities impossible or not cost-effective until today:

SMS abilities: Send personal text messages with a single click to all, or segments, of your customer base thus strengthening customer relations and driving sales.

Email Client: Without having to waste precious time send group Emails to all of your customers, or more specific Emails to segments of your customers, pointing out new products, special events, important facts or news, sales or any other relevant information designed to retain customer loyalty and to increase both customer satisfaction and sales.

Calendar: Manage your tasks and daily activities with CRM-Express' built-in calendar avoiding technical errors. No need to synchronize various tools with an external calendar.

Address Book: Keep valuable information about your customers such as addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and additional personal information of your choosing. Nothing says more loudly and clearly 'You and your business are important to me' than showing your customers you remember them personally.

At a Glance: view managerial reports and get important operative data leading to effective business decisions making. With this powerful tool you'll be able to save time and trouble getting the data you need in the manner you need it.

Supports Network & Multi-User: CRM-Express allows you to enable as many employees as you like to use it. Synchronize all of your business activities and departments using this efficient free tool. Moreover, fitting today's technology, CRM-Express allows you to utilize network abilities to further increase productivity and efficiency.