How a VPN on a Router with the AdBlocker Ensures Perfect Online Privacy

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May 25, 22
Each time you use browser add-ons, you expose yourself to browser fingerprinting which is how websites identify you as an online user and track your online behavior and activities. Adblockers are a good way to protect yourself from malvertising and other dangers lurking online. By using a VPN, you can block ads on your router as this is one of the best solutions to protect your devices and network from any online danger.
While many online users are already well-aware why ad blockers are so important today, for those who don't know, ads can affect your privacy in three different ways: ransomware, malware and tracking. Every ad is a way to track your online browsing activities, page views, keystrokes, history and pretty much everything you do online.
Malware is basically a form of infection that infects your device, but the worst thing about malware is that it can be hidden anywhere and you don't even need to click on it to get infected. If you think that's bad, think again, since ransomware has the word ransom in it for a reason.
This form of malware encrypts and locks your entire device and every piece of information within it. Until you pay a ransom for it, you can't use your device and anything on it. Once you pay, you get the decryption key but it can happen that it doesn't work and you can say “so long” to all your personal data.
So, to protect yourself from these modern online menaces, you can block ads on your device as this is the most effective solution to protect your network and the device you're using. The best way to do it is by setting up a VPN on a router with a built-in ad blocker. The first step is to get a router that can be configured with a Virtual Private Network. When it comes to a VPN, Perfect Privacy or ExpressVPN would be your top options.
Activate Your AdBlocker for Maximum Protection
Once you configure your VPN on a router and make sure that it all works correctly, you need to activate your AdBlocker. It blocks any malware, tracking attempts or advertisements at the VPN server level which ensures that you're fully protected no matter the device you use a PC, Android or iOS device. This also eliminates any additional software for protection as a router with a VPN keeps you safe.
A good malware, tracking, and advertisement blocker is TrackStop. To activate it, you can follow three easy steps. Go to the Member Configuration Area and follow these steps:
1) Enable TrackStop by moving the switch to on.
2) Enable Tracking and Advertisement filter – this blocks over 30,000 advertisements and tracking domains.
3) Enable Fraud filter – protects you against phishing and malware domains.
By following these three steps, you will protect yourself from any malware, tracking, phishing or advertisement that might endanger your online privacy. The best thing about TrackStop is that it allows you to filter out all domains such as social media or Google domains that track your activity. Once you finish all this, test the ad blocker to see if it really works.
Things to Know and Additional Options
When it comes to the performance and speed of your device, using a VPN on a router with the AdBlocker is a pretty demanding task for your CPU. The router needs to process loads of encrypted data so that may reduce the speed of your CPU. Still, since you have blocked all advertisements, websites should now load much faster. It's possible to use the two router setup to get the same effect. 
A double router setup means you use a VPN and a regular router to connect your devices to either the regular or the VPN router, depending on your online needs and technical knowledge. In the case where you're looking for advanced VPN configuration options, the most recommended one is ASUSWRT by Merlin. It's a firmware that will allow you to create your own advanced connection rules.
That way, you can connect different devices and select which ones you want to go through the VPN. If you don't have any technical knowledge, it's possible to get a preconfigured router for good malware, tracking and advertisement blocking such as Perfect Privacy.
These routers are already configured to work with a huge variety of ad blockers and they're easy to use which makes them perfect when you just don't feel like bothering with the installation.
Bypass the No Whitelist Option with a Two Router Setup or ASUSWRT by Merlin
Since a VPN on a router with the AdBlock personal online protection set up doesn't offer any whitelist options due to its blocking nature, you can use a double router setup to bypass this issue easily. The two router setup allows you to temporarily deactivate TrackStop and whitelist those domains you don't want to be blocked.
The other option is to use ASUSWRT by Merlin since it allows you to choose which device you want to go through your VPN. It also allows you to use multiple devices at the same time.
The Alternative for Blocking Ads
There is one more option to consider here. If you want to block ads on your entire home network, you can use the best alternative for ad blocking which is a smart blocking device that goes directly to your router and keeps all plugged-in devices safe against any advertisements and tracking while at the same time providing an option to whitelist certain domains.
While it is a costly option, it does provide an excellent solution for your ad blocking needs while bridging certain drawbacks that previous solutions had. If you don't mind spending a bit more on your privacy protection, smart devices such as eBlocker are most recommended.
By blocking all ads on every device you use, you're ensuring maximum safety against any malware, ransomware, tracking and phishing attempts that might endanger your online privacy and result in any data loss. With all this in mind, setting a VPN on a router with the AdBlocker will keep your devices and your entire home network safe and protected.