Interview with the developer of ‘Organizer’– Tyson Gill

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May <00pam5>21</00pam5>, <00pam5>2022</00pam5>

From time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. Please welcome Tyson Gill who will talk about Organizer.

What is your title/job description?

Software Developer

Tyson GillHow did you come to creating this software?

I created Organizer purely for myself. I got sick of trying to “organize” all those little bits of information I needed to manage my personal and professional tasks. I spent way too much time scouring emails, files, search engines, favorite lists, spreadsheets, documents, and notes trying to remember where I stuck some small but essential tidbit of information. I started by interviewing my friends and colleagues only to find that none of them did any better than me. Although there were a ton of “organizer” applications, none of them were actually very useful. So I built Organizer to provide me a one stop shop for all that information that really isn’t right for those other data storage methods. I quickly found it indispensable in many more ways than I had envisioned. Eventually I decided to share it so that others could benefit from it too.

What are the key benefits of the software compare with alternatives?

Excel is great for sets of data. Word is great for documents. But these aren’t really suited for managing lots of miscellaneous information. Notepad just produces a jumble of text files. Browser favorites don’t allow for any descriptive information to accompany them. Organizer is a perfect fit for all those square pegs that don’t really fit well into the round holes of those other applications. It lets you quickly and easily arranges notes, file or web links, and other information in a sensible, dynamic hierarchy that is really visible and accessible. This can be little things like user names and passwords that you seldom use but need to find quickly when you need them, or just quick lists of temporary info you need to consume in the next few hours. It provides one place on your desktop where you can go to find pretty much anything you need without hunting around.

Where do you see the software 2 years from now?

Two years from now I hope that loyal and enthusiastic users will have discovered this little secret, will have become entirely in love and dependent upon Organizer, and will stimulate as yet unimagined enhancements through donations and forum participation.

Thanks a lot Tyson for this interview!

Download Organizer here