Inventory Control and Management – It's the (Not So) Little Things That Count

Jasmin Morel
Jasmin Morel
May 18, 22

The life of the entrepreneur is not an easy one. Having founded his business the entrepreneur usually takes on the responsibilities of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CCMO (Chief Coffee Making Officer).
As the entrepreneur is more successful and as the business grows – things get even more complicated and difficult. The many tasks to complete and the many aspect of the business to manage are without doubt extremely taxing even to the most gifted entrepreneur. Manually managing the many crucial facets of business activity leave little time to business development and to strategic planning.
One of the more influential aspects of running a business is efficiently managing inventory. Inventory has a direct impact on the bottom line and on business profitability. Managing all business related activities on top of trying to manually manage inventory can be a financial calamity.
To that end, a few great and free software programs had been developed. Try looking for Atrex or Small Business Inventory Control Pro on our site and discover completely automated inventory control tools. These great software programs are completely free, ready for your use and encompass a unique opportunity to take your inventory management a few notches up.
With the valuable and useful features these software programs offer you’ll be able to control orders, record quotes, track purchase orders, track products and merchandise shipments from suppliers, track shipments to customers, monitor current cost of inventory and generally tighten your inventory control, improve business workflow, enhance productivity and ultimately increase profitability.
This great solution makes your Excel chart obsolete and lets you professionally manage your inventory, set managerial goals and thoroughly analyze your inventory related processes and costs thus improving performance.