Skype for Businesses – Selected Features

Jasmin Morel
Jasmin Morel
May 19, 2022

Skype's more commonly known version is the one for home users. However, Skype also offers a version aimed at businesses. This version includes a variety of features and capabilities which turn Skype into a great communications solution for the business world.


Which of Skype's features can be especially beneficial for businesses?



  • Video conference call – instead of wasting a small fortune on air travel, board, and lodging in order to meet customers, vendors, suppliers, or business partners face to face, or instead of relying on less stable online services, try Skype's video conference call feature. This feature will enable you to hold a video conference call with three or more participants anywhere in the world.
  • Instant messaging – with Skype's instant messaging feature you'll be able to send personal messages to other participants in the call in order to inform them of important issues. This way, you can exchange your private opinions regarding what's being discussed over the call, share contact details, etc.
  • Sharing large files – using Skype, you'll be able to send any other Skype user files of any size and of any type. This way you can refrain from physically sending material and avoid related costs. By using Skype's service you can even overcome the size limitations imposed by certain Email services.


In what does the Skype for businesses version differ than the regular Skype version?

Skype for businesses include all of the regular Skype's features and capabilities. However, Skype for businesses include several important advantages for businesses:

  • An automatic installation kit – this component allows the organization's IT department to centrally and simply manage Skype's installation on each and every one of the organization's computers. This way you can be sure that all employees use the same Skype version and you can install Skype, update it, or modify it using a single and simple centralized interface.
  • Special offers for businesses – Skype for businesses will keep you informed of relevant offers for businesses. This way you can ideally manage your organization's financial resources.


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