Summarized Skype How To guide

Jasmin Morel
Jasmin Morel
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If you got to this page, you are probably looking for the summarized version of the entire Skype "How To" guide – please see below:



Skype is easy to install – Skype has installation packages for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Select your operating system version and download the software. Then run the program, and you're ready to use it.


Signing In

If you don't have a Skype account, you just have to click on Create An Account on the Skype sign-in screen. It's a step-by-step process you can easily understand. You will need to choose a payment method when you sign up. The options include credit card and PayPal, while users from some countries will need to pay via electronic funds transfer or money order. You can also sign in with a Microsoft Messenger, Hotmail or Outlook account.


Call Rates

Skype's uniquely cheap call rates are what make it stand out among a variety of other voice-over-IP (VoIP) services. There are many VoIP providers now, but none can offer the cheap rates provided by Skype for both personal and business users.


PC to PC Calls are free

Sometimes, you need to have long conversations with friends and family and the free PC to PC calls from Skype can be very handy for those times. Even business calls can run very long and the free calls are definitely a plus point for Skype.


PC to Fixed Phone Line or Mobile Phone Calls

When you call from your computer to a fixed line or mobile phone, you do have to pay a specified rate. These rates are available on Skype website.

What is the he good news you ask? The rates are dirt cheap, compared to using a regular fixed line or mobile to make the same call.


Skype Video Calls

Want to see a loved one's face? Use Skype video calls.

It's just like using the regular phone, but with the benefit of seeing each other. If you prefer, you can switch of the video camera on your account and only allow the other to be visible. You need to have an in-built webcam or an attached webcam device for this option to work.


Skype Chat

Don't feel like calling someone? Chat with them. After all, it's free, easy and full of features. You can use emoticons; add several people to one conversation and more.


Skype SMS

Send a quick and short message to anyone's mobile via Skype's SMS window. Save time and money, because messages are cheaper too. File Sharing Skype also provides the ability to share files over chat, making it easy and quick to get things done remotely.


Skype Conferencing

Need to get everyone involved in a conversation? Use Skype conferencing. Save on long distance rates and no one has to be physically present in one location. Be anywhere, anytime and you can still join in on a conference call.


Skype for Business

Businesses often have high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls, so Skype is ideal for business purposes. Skype offers separate business packages that cater to individual business needs. These business packages combine messaging, calls, chatting, conferencing, file sharing and cheap rates into communication solutions for the Executives on-the-go.