The 10 Best VPNs for Kodi Streamer

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Kodi has earned its reputation as one of the best media players currently on the web, as it is stylish, open source and best of all – FREE. However, if you are already using Kodi to stream media but not a VPN to diversify your selection, then you are seriously missing out. Each region is subject to different content and limitations, giving you a wide variety of options.
The best trick to getting around the regional limitation is to use a fast streaming VPN, which will also protect you from any malicious content on the open source software. If you’re ready to see what else is available for Kodi, then check out the following VPNs to unlock all that the media service has to offer.
Nord VPN is quite possibly the best overall VPN for streaming, as the service works incredibly well with not only Kodi Streamer but also other popular streaming services like Sky Go, Hulu and Netflix.
Nord doesn’t cut any corners to offer a phenomenal service, as pretty well every aspect of the virtual private network is flawless. The service offers 256 bit encryption, over 5,000 servers and industry leading connection speeds. Most importantly though – Nord is fantastic at bypassing georestrictions for streaming services, media and applications.
Though Express may not grab the top spot for Kodi streamer, the service is top in just about every other way.
Express is a virtual private network that truly is a model for what other VPNs should aspire for. The service has over 1500+ servers in 94 countries, making it the leading provider in terms of coverage. With the fastest connection speed currently available, Express also proves just how superior it is to so many other VPNs and with a strategic location in the British Virgin Islands, the level of security and privacy provided by Express is simply unbeatable.
3. IPVanish
IPVanish is a great choice if you are looking to stream content from Kodi as the service is fast, efficient and loaded with useful features.
IPVanish isn’t just one of the quickest VPNs on the market but it is also one of the most versatile. Users can effortlessly download torrents and files from popular P2P networks, bypass georestictions, and stay anonymous and safe with 256-bit encryption standards. To top things off, IPVanish grants you unlimited bandwidth  to give you every chance you want to catch up on all of your favorite media.
VyprVPN is a high powered network service based in Switzerland  that offers quick connection speeds and superb privacy to all its users. When it comes to streaming Kodi, VyprVPN is a great choice.
VyprVPN is a service that proves how beneficial it can be for a network to own all of its own hardware and servers. This Swiss based VPN provides excellent speeds, as none of users’ web traffic is routed through third party hardware. Furthermore, VyprVPN provides outstanding privacy and security as Switzerland has notoriously favorable privacy laws, preventing VPNs from logging any users’ data.
Private Internet Access is a highly advanced virtual private network that takes users privacy serious.
Private Internet Access recently denied handing in logs on users over to the FBI, proving that the service truly is dedicated to privacy. With 256-bit encryption, the ability to torrent and one of the fastest networks on the market, Private Internet Access has earned its reputation as one of the top VPNs. Though the VPN proves splendid in a variety of tests, it is more difficult to use than many others, and is likely more suited for advanced web users.

Though Windscribe is a Canadian based VPN, it is one that nonetheless takes security and privacy very seriously. The service keeps no logs on users and employs a 256-bit encryption rate. However, what makes Windscribe a truly interesting VPN is its ability to unblock US and UK Netflix from anywhere – with its Windflix servers. That aspect, combined with lightning fast connection speeds, makes Windscribe a great choice for your Kodi Streamer.

ProtonMail is one of the best encrypted email services on the web, so it should come as no surprise that ProtonVPN is a super high quality service as well.
ProtonVPN is a feature packed VPN that ensures you take your private browsing to the grave with you. Proton is yet another Swiss based VPN with superb privacy standards, such as DNS leak protection, Tor over VPN and an internet kill switch. Better yet, the service supports P2P, is incredibly easy to install/use and unblocks US Netflix. Users of all experience levels can easily protect themselves and stream media without any trouble. 
With over 3000 servers, hasty speeds and an easy to use interface, CyberGhost earns its reputation as one of the best VPNs currently on the market.
CyberGhost works beautifully with Kodi, as it unblocks Hulu, Netflix and even Sky Go. To add to that, the service also categorizes servers by which media service you intend on using. Aside from streaming, CyberGhost also provides a beautiful interface which is simple for even the most basic of web surfers. Speeds are great, security is top notch (256-bit encryption) and customer support is there to walk you through any trouble you may encounter.
9. PrivateVPN
With a 99.98% uptime record, PrivateVPN has started out strong. The service supports a multitude of protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, PPTP and IPsec. Though PrivateVPN’s network is nowhere near as large as some other competitors, it does in fact offer very quick speeds with the 100 servers it owns. For users looking to use Kodi, the website provides a quick and easy installation guide. Best of all, the service subscribes to a true zero log policy and permits 6 simultaneous connected devices at once.
Mullvad is a great VPN for users who want the most anonymous browsing experience as the service doesn’t even require a name, email or phone number.
Mullvad is a smaller VPN hailing from Sweden but its service is just great. The service is one of the few to use physical servers, which makes it essentially impossible to hack. This unique feature is then complemented by all servers running on OpenVPN, which use 256-bit encryption standards. Unlimited bandwidth and protecting torrenting are the icing on the cake, giving Mullvad a leg up on many other competitors.