Top 10 Best Free VPNs for Apple TV

Darren Wall
Darren Wall
May 23, 2022

Apple TV is a popular online digital streaming service which can be enjoyed all over the world.  However, many people are taking advantage of being able to access their TV and movie libraries from abroad.  This is perfectly possible with the assistance of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network.  A VPN will essentially allow you to connect to a remote server, giving you an IP address that isn’t based in the country you’re connecting in.
VPNs open up a world of possibility and freedom.  Some countries censor and block services such as Apple TV.  It is, therefore, a great idea to hunt down and take advantage of an award-winning VPN or bypass service.  VPNs are entirely legal and can be used to protect your privacy while browsing online, too.  A VPN will allow you to unlock programming from the US with Apple TV, for example, and much more.
Always make sure you look out for a fast VPN service due to the amount of data Apple TV can consume.  To help, we have found you the ten best VPNs for Apple TV, either offering extensive free trials or utterly free access.  Never browse the web without a VPN to back you up – and unlock a world of entertainment through Apple TV, too.  Grab a great VPN that offers you reliable, speedy connectivity and access to a variety of channels and services.
#1  NordVPN
NordVPN is one of the most widely-used and respected VPN brands on the planet.  There’s plenty of reasons for this, but it’s mainly due to the fact that it allows you to connect to P2P services freely.  These standards may be widely restricted by other VPN brands.  It’s an all-round solution which is speedy, reliable, and affordable.  Perfect for streaming!
  • Free Option: Free Trial Available
  • Average Speed: 59 Mb/s
  • Pros: Ideal for streaming
  • Cons: Not the longest free trial available
ExpressVPN is a great little asset to anyone hoping to stream international TV and movies.  It’s currently offering a huge 30-day free trial, and with almost 80MB per second download speed available, streaming in HD is entirely possible.  You can even buy ExpressVPN pre-installed on a router for the easiest setup possible.
  • Free Option: Free Trial Available
  • Average Speed: 77 Mb/s
  • Pros: Super secure and super-fast
  • Cons: Subscription models are a little more expensive than rival VPNs
ProtonVPN is an excellent VPN platform that’s ideally suited to HD streaming with Apple TV.  This service is one of the easiest to set up and comes with a free version for you to try and enjoy.  Upgrades are available at a higher speed and ease of use.
  • Free Option: Free Version Offered
  • Average Speed: 53 Mb/s
  • Pros: Double-security and free options available
  • Cons: Some data may be retained in line with Swiss law
Hotspot Shield is great for streaming and has one of the friendliest user interfaces available for any top VPN.  Ease of use, security, and speed should all be high on your VPN agenda.  With a free version of the program available – and with upgrades to unlimited access and speed as an option – Hotspot Shield is another safe bet.
  • Free Option: Free version offered
  • Average Speed: 54 Mb/s
  • Pros: Many streaming services and P2P allowed
  • Cons: Some data may be logged
One of the best-known free VPNs widely recommended for a variety of web uses and privacy concerns, TunnelBear is a streaming asset, too.  Available for free or on subscription with a greater data allowance, this is an affordable option for Apple TV fans.
  • Free Option: Free Version Offered
  • Average Speed: 28.2 Mb/s
  • Pros: One of the best free VPN systems around
  • Cons: Many paid VPNs are faster on average
Apple TV without restriction is perfectly possible with this brilliantly-named VPN.  CyberGhost boasts unlimited data limits with its full subscription model, and you can enjoy up to 30 days’ use of the service free of charge.
  • Free Option: Free Trial Available
  • Average Speed: 13.4 Mb/s
  • Pros: Data is unlimited on a monthly basis, extensive free trial
  • Cons: By no means the quickest for HD streaming
#7 cares about keeping you safe and keeping your data and usage private.  It’s the main selling point of this brand for sure – and it’s one of the fastest free models you’ll ever come across.  What’s more – it is completely free.
  • Free Option: Completely Free
  • Average Speed: 69 Mb/s
  • Pros: Ideal for streaming at incredible speeds, free to use
  • Cons: 2GB data allowance each month may not be enough for some streamers
#8  VyprVPN
VyprVPN is one of the most powerful unlimited VPN services around, making it ideal for anyone hoping to use Apple TV abroad.  Most streaming channels are entirely unblocked for you to enjoy, and there are free trials for all packages available.
  • Free Option: Free Trial Available
  • Average Speed: 84 Mb/s
  • Pros: Super-powerful, super-fast with unlimited data
  • Cons: Free trials are only available for three days at a time
Windscribe is totally free and is very easy to use.  What more could you need?  Boasting a sizeable 10GB of data for you to use each month, this service is dedicated not only to opening up a world of streaming to you, but also to protecting you and your privacy.
  • Free Option: Completely Free
  • Average Speed: 20 Mb/s
  • Pros: Free to use with healthy data allowances available
  • Cons: Not the fastest streaming VPN on the market
#10  VPNArea
VPNArea is one of the most feature-rich VPN services around.  Widely known for its sheer number of international servers as well as its superb user interface, the platform also has a free trial for you to enjoy.  Offering respectable speeds for streaming, it’s a great fit for Apple TV use.
  • Free Option: Free Trial Available
  • Average Speed: 57 Mb/s
  • Pros: Secure, speedy and tons of international servers to choose from
  • Cons: Other services offer free trials for longer