Top 10 Best Free VPNs for Australia in 2019

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May 23, 2022

Virtual Private Networks have become a popularly used service. Without any doubt, we live in an era where our online privacy lies under a huge question mark. We completely understand you if you want to ensure your online security and privacy by using a VPN service. We also understand those of you who want to access geo-blocked content, believing that there is no place for censorship on the Internet.


If you don’t want to pay for a VPN service, you can still benefit from the extra safety it offers. There are many free VPNs but only some are considered to be the best free VPNs for Australia in 2019.


Here are the top 10.


#1  Windscribe VPN
It is not by mere chance that we have decided to put Windscribe VPN on the top of our list. This one is by far the best free VPN for Australia both in terms of security and the data cap. You can rest assured that you’ll stay hidden from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. What does Windscribe free VPN offer? You will be able to choose from 8 servers strategically placed around the globe and get 10GB bandwidth per month.


In order to provide an additional layer of security, Windscribe won't store the websites you visit, IP addresses and connection logs. After you end your browsing session, the minimal data stored on the server will get erased in the next 3 minutes.



#2  Opera VPN
If you love consuming online content via the Opera internet browser, you will be happy to find out that the same company responsible for this browser offers free VPN services. The new version of this browser comes with an integrated VPN as one of its standard features.


The Opera VPN client supports connections from 5 devices simultaneously and their 1,000 servers are located in 25 countries. The connection setup is very easy and the performance is above average. The only feature that is disappointing is the monthly data limit which is 500MB. However, if you decide to use this VPN via the Opera browser, the data limit is stripped off.



#3  TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear became one of the best free VPNs for Australia shortly after it was acquired by McAfee, the famous IT security firm. TunnelBear offers both mobile and desktop clients which makes it particularly useful for those of you who spend the majority of the day on the go. With TunnelBear and its 1,000 servers placed in more than 20 countries, you will enjoy not only a safe but also a less bumpy ride.


The downside of this specific VPN is the data limit, which currently stands at 500MB per month. According to TunnelBear’s privacy policy, this VPN service provider collects and records a minimal amount of data.



#4  Proton VPN 
We are aware of how restricting the data limit with a free VPN service can be. This is why we decided to include the Proton VPN service to our list. Proton VPN is one of the best VPN service providers for Australia. There is no data limit but there are other trade-offs that you have to be aware of. For instance, you will not be able to use more than one device at a time and you will be able to choose among 3 locations only. If there are too many paid users online at the moment, you might experience slower loading speeds as they have higher priority.


There is no support for P2P. Considering that it is free with no data limit and native clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, Proton VPN is an option worth considering.



#5  Hola VPN
Hola VPN services are different from any other on the market. Instead of using a fixed network of servers, Hola leverages the P2P VPN. Hola VPN aims to provide ultimate safety by routing browser traffic through Hola users. If you decide to use the Hola VPN, you will become part of this network.


The main security advantage comes from the dynamic nature of the traffic that takes place here. This means that there are no fixed routes or destination servers. You should also be aware that Hola tracks and collects a substantial amount of anonymous data, including the origin and destination of each online request.



#6  Turbo VPN
If you are not a demanding user in terms of advanced features, privacy and performance guarantees, Turbo VPN will help you get the job done. The free Turbo VPN plan comes with no data limit and has access to 9 server locations. With a native Android app, Turbo VPN has quickly become one of the most commonly used VPNs among smartphone users.


Turbo VPN is a no-log network. The only troubling part is the number of app permissions when you want to install it. In addition, you should also be aware that there are many in-app ads that many users find spammy.



#7  VPN Proxy Master
VPN Proxy Master is one of the best mobile VPN service providers. It is available for both Android and iOS users. VPN Proxy Master has servers in 6 locations. However, both the iOS and Android VPN Proxy Master apps contain dozens of ads


The company runs a no-log network. Their services are completely free and come with no data limits whatsoever. The performance is not that stable, considering that they advertise as the fastest free mobile VPN service. We’ve found out that VPN Proxy Master successfully unblocks access to YouTube, Netflix and Comedy Central.



#8  Ultrasurf VPN
Ultrasurf free VPN services are reserved for Android and Windows PC users only. The client setup process is straightforward. The privacy policy says that Ultrasurf is a no-log network which means that they track and record a minimal amount of user data, while the user IP remains hidden at all times. The collected 
data automatically gets deleted after a period of 30 days.


There is no data limit and with a native Android app, users can enjoy safe surfing even when they are using public WiFi hotspots on the go. The number of ads is significantly lower when compared to other free VPN mobile apps.



#9  Speedify VPN
The Speedify VPN service provider is dedicated to providing a safe and ultra-fast Internet connection to their users. Free users are not stripped of the right to benefit fromSpeedify's turbo charging technology. This means that even if you don't spend a dime, you will still be able to enjoy ultra-fast loading speeds.


The only downside is the data limit which stands at 4GB of data for the first month and 1GB of data the following months.



#10  Hotspot Shield VPN
Hotspot Shield VPN is specifically designed for those of you who spend a lot of time online on unsecured public WiFi. The free version will automatically hook you up to the location it chooses and you will be able to use up to 5 devices simultaneously. The data limit is 500MB on a daily basis, which makes this VPN service perfect for light use.


The mobile app serves ads but the privacy policy of this firm ensures us that the protection of our data remains their number one priority.



These are the top 10 free VPNs for Australia. We have also stated the cases used for each one of the VPNs we’ve listed in order to help you decide which one suits your personal needs best.