Top 10 Best VPNs for United Kingdom in 2019

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May 23, 2022

In an age where privacy is vital, it’s not surprising that plenty of British browsers are turning to VPNs.  Virtual Private Networks offer plenty of benefits to regular web users.  For one, they allow you to access services from foreign countries, which can be an asset while you are on holiday.  If you need to access social media in China for example, you can connect via VPN to bypass the country’s firewall.

There are plenty of great VPNs which are ideal for regular use in the UK.  Recent news in the UK press suggests that there is to be an increased focus on internet monitoring.  It is worthwhile looking at downloading and subscribing to a legal VPN that’s fast-access and affordable.  VPN services you can use in the UK will allow you to connect all over the world.  Here is our pick of the very best around.

#1. NordVPN
NordVPN regularly tops ‘best VPN’ lists for a reason.  It allows P2P, it’s amazingly fast, and it reacts quickly to block threats.  It’s also hugely invested in your privacy, which is something all good VPNs should be placing as their primary focus.  The service interfaces are some of the most capable and feature-rich.

Pros: Simple to use to access streaming services and P2P sharing, has a huge number of international servers.

Cons: It’s a little more expensive than many market competitors.

#2  ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is another model which is hugely popular with consumers and techies alike.  It’s perhaps a little more on the expensive side, but with a no-log policy and with a considerable number of apps and programs available on both iOS and Android devices, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so highly rated.

Pros: Lots of functionality and very user-friendly, this is an entry-level VPN that comes with many recommendations.

Cons: At $6.67 at the cheapest, it is among the most expensive VPNs around, though many will advise the price is worth it.

#3  Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access, as the name suggests, offers you complete peace of mind when it comes to anonymously browsing the web.  A robust, multi-platform approach and a focus on customer care and ad-blocking help to make this a user-friendly and popular service that stands up to the big boys.  It’s remarkably cheap, and very capable indeed.

Pros: Very affordable, easy to use, and complete with P2P sharing and torrenting support.  A great asset to those users who know what they’re doing.

Cons: Perhaps a little sparse for new users, it’s not especially recommended to those experiencing VPNs for the first time despite its incredible value for money.

#4  Hotspot Shield VPN
Hotspot Shield is a popular VPN for UK browsers and torrenters, with a reliably speedy service, plenty of functionality and access across various devices.  Even better is the fact that there’s an entirely free, ad-supported version.  If you don’t mind the odd pop-up or banner, it’s worth looking at.

Pros: Amazingly efficient and an excellent choice for those looking to get into VPN for free, a top choice for P2P.

Cons: There are some privacy concerns regarding regulation and security with this service as it is, headquartered in the US.

#5  Proton VPN 
Once again, ProtonVPN is a service which is regularly reviewed highly by tech experts and those who are concerned about taking their privacy seriously.  With a free version and stringent privacy focus, this platform is one of the best choices for first-time users.

Pros: Fantastic privacy policies and budget options – as well as a free version.

Cons: Other top VPN services make it easier for you to pick from international servers.  It’s perhaps not as feature-rich as some of the bigger platforms on this list.

#6  CyberGhost
For those new to VPNs, CyberGhost is a fantastic first option.  This service offers thousands of servers across 60 different countries and allows multiple connections at any one time.  What’s more, it’s very affordable at around $3.50 per month.

Pros: Intelligent server connection based upon your needs and budget subscriptions will appeal to all.  Tons of servers and kill switch functionality are great additions.

Cons: The lack of a browser extension perhaps puts the brand behind its rivals a little.  Simple interfacing is not as feature-rich as other standards.

#7  TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear is quickly gaining steam as a great alternative to the bigger and more expensive names out there.  An asset for UK users, it’s very speedy indeed, with free options allowing you to use the service on an occasional basis wherever necessary.

Pros: Speedy, easy to use and affordable.  This VPN ticks most boxes though may appeal more to those users looking for occasional privacy.

Cons: This is not an ideal VPN for all-out streaming, as some services can’t be accessed, such as some international Netflix servers.

#8  IPVanish VPN 
IPVanish is a friendly and capable service which is widely adopted in the UK.  This service comes with the promise of around 1000 different international servers attached, as well as an open approach to torrenting and P2P.  

Pros: Easy to connect to and from and very speedy.  Competitively priced, and with a focus on privacy.

Cons: The main interface may not be too appealing to new VPN users.

#9  Hidden24 
Hidden24 is a UK-based VPN which, obviously, appeals to those looking for UK access.  It’s very competitively priced and offers plenty of features as well as the capability for streaming.

Pros: Affordable, and streamer-friendly.  Works across various devices and operating systems with ease.

Cons: No app interface and limited servers may put some users off.

#10  VyprVPN
VyprVPN offers plenty of connectivity and a stack of servers.  It’s excellent value for money and is a good choice for families and households who all wish to connect to a service instantly.  This service can be easily upgraded, too – plenty of flexibility.

Pros: An affordable and practical choice for multiple users, with several mobile app extensions.

Cons: Logging policies and a lack of browser extension may not appeal to all users.