Top 10 VPNs for US Hulu

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May 26, 22
Hulu is second only to Netflix when it comes to streaming services, drawing millions of viewers every day. But just like any other streaming service, it is subject to differences in every region, dramatically changing what you are able to view.
If you are tired of viewing the same content in your region’s Hulu, check out one of these stellar VPNs to see what other regions offer.
1. NordVPN
It would be practically impossible to not love NordVPN, as the service offers everything that you would expect out of a VPN – for a very reasonable price.
Nord dominates the VPN industry as its speeds are insanely quick, consistently earning a spot in the top 3 fastest VPNs. Its ability to bypass georestrictions is top notch, unlocking US Netflix, Hulu, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and so many other streaming services. In addition, its security measures are second to none as it offers 256-bit encryption, a true zero log policy, DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection.
ExpressVPN is a huge player in the cybersecurity industry as it consistently strives to upgrade its product and offer the best in class security, speeds and location variety. 256-bit encryption, a place in the top 2 fastest VPNs and servers in 94 different countries have given Express the strong name that it has today. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s tough stance on privacy, users can also download torrents from any of its thousands of servers.
3. PrivateVPN
Swedish based PrivateVPN has been climbing its way to the top in recent years, and for good reason. The service is privacy focused, great for torrenting and lightning quick.
PrivateVPN is a very simple to use VPN which can easily be operated by even the most novice of users. The service offers both port forwarding and an internet kill switch, two features that are growing in popularity for VPNs. However the true strong point of PrivateVPN is its ability to unblock Hulu, Netflix, Sky Go, and Kodi media. With all of those media capabilities, it only makes sense that PrivateVPN offers great connection speeds.
CyberGhost is so trendy, modern and full of useful features that users can’t help but love the service. And when it comes to Hulu, CyberGhost is a great choice of a VPN.
CyberGhost checks all of the boxes of a great VPN. It is secure, super quick, easy to navigate and great at bypassing georestrictions. When it comes to streaming media, CyberGhost has customized servers such as ‘Netflix Server’ or ‘Hulu Server’, to optimize speeds and ensure that the servers unblock the content. Moreover, with top notch customer support, CyberGhost really does earn a seat at the table for best VPNs.
A unique protocol called ‘Catapult Hydra’ gives Hotspot Shield an extra boost in performance and speed, making it an overall great VPN.
Hotspot Shield uses its unique protocol to its max potential  as the service is incredibly fast and easy to use. Speed isn’t the only feature that benefits from the protocol as the reliability and security of the service is just grand. Users can rest assured that they will be protected with Hotspot Shield as there is also an included kill switch and auto connect, to ensure that users are disconnected/connected to the service at all of the right times. 
It shouldn’t be a surprise that VyprVPN is such a good choice to use for Hulu but the service also performs extremely well with Netflix and Sky Go.
Apart from its ability to bypass georestrictions for media sites, VyprVPN is also a pretty great service for day to day use. The service owns and operates all of its own hardware and networks, ensuring that speeds and performance are always top notch. To top things off, it has quite a focus on security, employing 256-bit encryption standards and even providing a built in NAT firewall.
7. Bullet VPN
Bullet VPN hails from Estonia, a country outside of the 14 Eyes agreement and not subject to strict data laws. Bullet is super-fast as the name implies and does a great job of bypassing restrictions for services like Hulu. The company however, does keep session logs which record the amount of data you have been using, but do not keep activity logs which record exactly what you have been searching. For that reason Bullet VPN is superior to many of the other services which keep activity logs.
SaferVPN is a hasty service that is not only ideal for streaming Hulu but also great for downloading torrents and other large files.
One might think that a VPN headquartered in Israel would be susceptible to strict data collection. However, due to strict privacy laws Israel, is actually a stellar place to host a VPN. Thus, Israel is almost on par with Switzerland. With regards to SaferVPNs capabilities, you won’t be disappointed. Speeds are quick, the network has over 700 servers and the streaming capabilities are just superb.
Though the name is catchy enough to grab your attention, there are far more features to HideMyAss that make it a great VPN.
HideMyAss is a service with a huge network, as there are over 890+ servers in 190 different countries. The wide distribution is just scratching the surface, as the VPN also offers a trendy user interface with three options to choose from – Instant Mode, Location Mode and Freedom Mode. Best of all, HideMyAss is available on all major operating systems and devices, giving you the chance to stream from anywhere.
GooseVPN is a great service for streaming and unblocking online content and with a few minor tweaks, it could be a top performer.
What makes GooseVPN great for streaming is its list of dedicated media servers. Users can easily hop onto a dedicated server and stream from all of their favorite sources without any delays. The VPN packs more of a punch than just streaming as it is also located in the Netherlands and securely protects users’ info without logging any data. If GooseVPN included a kill switch, it would undoubtedly be one of the top VPNs on the market.