TunnelBear VPN Not Able to Unblock Netflix? Solution Here

Travis Fleming
Travis Fleming
May 23, 2022


VPNs are a great way to access geo-blocked content on Netflix, but even the best VPNs get blocked by the streaming service every now and then. Netflix is constantly working on ways to prevent people from getting around their location restrictions, so you’ll likely run into issues from time to time.



TunnelBear is one of the better VPNs at unlocking content on Netflix, but even this service is blocked occasionally. If you do receive an error when trying to access Netflix with TunnelBear try the following steps to get it working again.


Turn TunnelBear Off and Then Back On


This is the oldest trick in the book, and that’s because it often works. If you’re having trouble connecting to Netflix with TunnelBear, simply turn the VPN off and on again, then try again. If you’re lucky this simple step will solve the problem.


Change Your IP Address


If turning TunnelBear off and on again doesn’t work, then the problem is more serious. It’s possible that Netflix has blocked the IP you’re using, so you should try a new one. To do so, simply select a different tunnel location. This will assign you a new IP address, which might allow you to access Netflix.


Clear Your Cookies or Browse Privately


Netflix may be identifying your real location by accessing your cache or cookies. There are two ways to fix this problem.


One way is to clear your cookies.

In Internet Explorer, you can do this by going to Tools

> Safety

> Delete browsing history. Select the “cookies and website data” checkbox, then click “Delete.”


In Chrome, click the More icon on the far right, then click Tools

> Clear browsing data. Select “All times.” Check the “Cookies and other site data” and “cached images and files” boxes, then click “clear data.”


Another way to solve this problem is to browse privately. Most browsers now have a “private” or “incognito” mode that doesn’t allow sites to access your cookies.


Turn Off the Tunnel Bear Browser Extension


A common mistake people make is that they run the TunnelBear browser extension at the same time as the TunnelBear app. These two applications can actually interfere with each other and cause errors when trying to access Netflix. Make sure the browser extension is turned off before using Netflix with TunnelBear.


Turn Off Location Services


Devices are now equipped with location services that allow apps such as Netflix to identify where you’re located. If Netflix is using these services then they may be able to pinpoint your location, despite the fact you’re using a VPN.


Turning off location services will be different for every device. Do a search to determine how to turn off these services on your particular device. Once your location services are turned off, try accessing Netflix again.


Turn Off Location Sharing on Your Browser


Your browser may also be sharing your location with Netflix. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to turn off location sharing within your browser.


To do this in Internet Explorer, click “Tools”, then “Internet options.” Under the “Privacy” tab check the “Never allow websites to request your physical location” box.


In Chrome, use ALT-F to open the menu, then go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Content settings. At this point, scroll down until you see the Location section, then click “Do not allow any site to track your physical location.


Turn on the GhostBear Feature


Are you trying to access Netflix from a country with strict censorship laws? This may be why you’re having difficulty accessing Netflix. TunnelBear includes a unique feature called GhostBear that makes it difficult for governments to detect and block your VPN connection. Turn on this feature and see if that resolves the issue.


Toggle the TCP Override Feature


TunnelBear also includes a TCP Override feature which improves performance and increases internet speeds. A slow connection can sometimes cause errors when accessing Netflix, so try turning this feature on to see if it makes a difference.


Is your TCP override already turned on? Try turning it off. In some rare cases, that’s been shown to help as well.


Enable Do Not Track


Your browser should have a Do Not Track (DNT) feature that you can enable. This prevents advertising companies from tracking your online activity, and it’s also another way you can prevent Netflix from determining your location.


To enable this feature in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Then click “Always send Do Not Track Header.” In Chrome, click the More icon on the far right, then click Settings > Show advanced settings. Under the Privacy section click “Do Not Track.”


Try a Different VPN


TunnelBear is an excellent VPN, but if you’ve tried all of the above solutions and you still can’t access Netflix then it may be time to try a different VPN provider.


NordVPN and ExpressVPN are our two highest ranked VPNs and have proven to be the most consistent at gaining access to Netflix. Both of these VPNs feature blazing-fast speeds, large numbers of servers to choose from, and excellent customer service. Consider giving one of them a try if you continue to have issues with TunnelBear.