Typing Tutors – an Easy Way to Improve Your Typing

May <00pam5>17</00pam5>, <00pam5>2022</00pam5>


Nowadays, we all need to type. Weather our needs are work related or weather as a means of keeping in touch with overseas relatives, loved ones or colleagues typing is an ever growing part of our lives. While some are typing phenomenon and make touch typing seem as easy as scratching your nose, most of us could do with some typing proficiency improvement tips and tools. One of the greatest ways to do so is by use of one of the free typing tutors software.

While keeping in mind that these are usually simple applications created and designed for a single purpose they are quite useful in improving typing abilities, typing speed and typing accuracy. The more creative tutors offer various means of learning using typing games, quizzes and so on and so forth. The more advanced tutors offer customizable lessons to focus on the user's specific needs, support different keyboard layouts and offer other features.

Various manufacturers offer different typing tutors with common grounds and similar functionality and features. Among these software you can find Rapid Typing Tutor, TypingMaster Pro, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, Typing Test TQ, GS Typing Tutor and many more.

Some of the features you'll find in these software will generally include:

  • Multilingual support for users from different countries or for users who wish to master typing in numerous languages for different purposes.
  • Multiuser: most software will be able to support several users and to enable group use of the software making them ideal for classes for example.
  • Various learning modes for increased learning efficiency, such as game, quiz, etc.
  • Adaptive teaching capabilities: those software that automatically focus on weak spots, difficult keystrokes, etc. and adjust forthcoming lessons are the more recommended ones.
  • Optimized duration: some software will be able to adjust learning speed in accordance with your progress, thus making the learning process more efficient and less burdensome.
  • Statistics: get progress reports including ratios like words-per-minute ratio, typing errors ratio, etc.


As mentioned above, although being a simple application, typing tutors suite well those with increased typing needs such as teachers, students, secretaries, etc., and offer an easy way to save time and make work more efficient.