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Calculating the Number of Days between Two Dates in Excel Business Software
Excel users - see here a simple solution for the need of counting the number of days between two dates.
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Analyzing Text's Sentiment in Excel Business Software
Imagine conducting a virtual survey and having to manually pour through the results in order to get the drift of the participants' sentiments. Well, PowerUps does the trick for you.
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Summarized Skype How To guide Instant Messaging
Sometimes you do not have the time or need to really dive into the full Skype manual of "how to install" or "how to add a new contact". Instead you just need to find in short answer to "how to sign into Skype" or "how to call a friend using Skype". For those questions, we have prepared for you a summarized version of the manual for the Skype user - enjoy!
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Uninstalling Skype Instant Messaging
How to uninstall Skype
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Skype for Portable Gaming Consoles Instant Messaging
If you simply can't separate from your portable gaming console and you find it just as hard to separate from your Skype contacts, try using Skype's portable gaming consoles' version
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Skype for Businesses – Selected Features Instant Messaging
Are you familiar with the top Businesses Features of Skype?
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Recommended Add-ons for Skype Instant Messaging
Recommended Add-ons for Skype
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Make Skype Calls Directly From Your Outlook.com Inbox Instant Messaging
Learn how to make Skype Calls Directly From Your Outlook.com Inbox
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What's Skype Credit and What Can You Do With It? Instant Messaging
What's Skype Credit and What Can You Do With It?
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Skype To Go – Calling Regular Phone Numbers From Your Smartphone Skype Instant Messaging
How to use Skype for Calling Regular Phone Numbers From Your Smartphone Skype
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Video Chat Accessories – Skype Certified Instant Messaging
Use In order to fully enjoy Skype's capabilities of Video Chat, use Skype certified accessories
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Skype's Group Video Calls Instant Messaging
Skype's Group Video Calls
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Skype Social Integration Instant Messaging
Skype Social Integration - How is it done, you ask?
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Skype Premium Account Review Instant Messaging
Skype Premium Account Review - users with more diversified or more complex needs may be able to find Skype's Premium account most useful
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The history of Skype Instant Messaging
Skype's History – From a Small Company to the Most Commonly Used IM Tool in the World
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Skype For Savvies Instant Messaging
The full Skype manual for Savvies – File Sharing, Record Video, Screen sharing, and Call Forwarding
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Skype Common Problems – Fix Audio and Video Issues Instant Messaging
While using Skype to place calls you might run into some audio or video difficulties or problems. Learn how to fix Skype common problems including all Audio and Video Issues
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Managing Skype Contacts, Importing Contacts, and Adding New Contacts Instant Messaging
Skype's main goal is to enable its users to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family in an easy, simple, and convenient manner. Learn here how
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How to install Skype Instant Messaging
Find here a short and easy explanation how to install Skype
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How to Easily Create a Skype Account, How to Log Into Skype, and How to Easily Recover a Lost Skype Password? Instant Messaging
Great! You've downloaded Skype, now, you just have to create your very own Skype account and log into Skype itself. How is it done, you ask? See here
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Account and Profile Settings – Customize Your Skype Account Instant Messaging
How to customize your skype account and all the explanations as to the simple way of managing your account and profile settings
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Recommended Video Editing Software Programs Video Software
There's no doubt that there are many software programs out there that enable users to convert files between formats. However, they don't always enable users to edit video files, to add effects, to add soundtrack and so on and so forth.
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Converting Your Physical PC into a Virtual Machine Development Software
The term Physical to Virtual, or in short, P2V, is a process which enables users to transfer their physical PC into a virtual machine. This process has gained great popularity of late amidst home users and organizations due to the increasing demand for virtualization technology.
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How to Remove Google Chrome's Apps Button Web Browsers
It sometime seems that Google will stop at nothing while trying to promote products deemed unpopular by users.
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Automation Tools and Some Neat Ways to Create Launch Menus Automation Software
This article explores several solutions for automatically launching sequences of actions, activities and commands without necessitating users to take any action on their part. Furthermore, this article reviews several software programs for creating launching menus in various styles which can be activated from your local PC or your USB drive, or burnt onto a CD.
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How to Automatically Organize and Catalogue Files Automation Software
Working on our PCs day in, day out, we usually accumulate quite a number of files which are stored in different folders through various disk partitions. After a while, locating and managing our files can prove to be difficult, or at least challenging.
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Backing Up Before Formatting Backup & Restore
Most of us are aware of the importance of backups, yet few actually act on that knowledge. However, when the time comes to buy a new computer or to reinstall the operating system, we're afraid of losing precious files, settings and information. In case users are interested in a full and complete backup (documents, photos, emails, Favorites, etc.) there are sufficient tools with which to perform the task. But, what about user accounts, passwords, drivers, registration numbers and the myriad of software programs they've installed? Can these also be backed up successfully?
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Taking a Mortgage or Planning a Mortgage? Home & Fun Software
Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to mortgage decisions. Use these great software programs to better plan your mortgage and your financial future.
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Can Cognitive Development and Fun Be Used in the Same Sentence? Home & Fun Software
Equip your kids with capabilities and cognitive tools they need in order to cope with the world with some great educational computer games.
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Astrology – Finding Out What the Future May Hold Up In Its Sleeve Home & Fun Software
Get a glimpse into your future with these great software programs that make Astrology more accessible than ever before
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