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Educational Software (626 programs)

Looking for educational software with educational orientation? Looking for educational software for kids, children or schools? Under the “Educational Software” category, you will find updated reviews of free and paid educational software offering a variety of online learning tools. The category offers a selection of recommended programs that will enable you to enrich your educational and learning experience, both for yourself and for others. Software such as Google Earth for download and more

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Easy Access to 6, 500 Quotes Sayings and Ideas
Wisdom of the Ages Download
Freeware mass mailer and email list manager.
Direct Mail Robot Download
Url's to free mind map software, directories
Free Mind Map Training Download
Server+ practice tests - SimulationExams.com
Server+ practice tests. Download
Learn the Green Schools Initiative Today!
green schools initiative Download
Build logical and reasoning ability with fun.
Skoolastica Science Adventures Download
Gives 100% Surfing Control to the Parents
Suntereo Download
If Youre not confident about what to buy, don’t be afraid to ask for advice
15 logic games G Download
An efficient, user-friendly and useful vocabulary builder
RocketReader Vocab British Edition Download
This free game is similar to the classic arcade shooting
15 logic games D Download

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Articles in Educational Software

Interview with the developer of ‘Question Tools Editor’– Paul Booth
From time to time we select a software we like and interview the developer or team behind it. It allows our users to grasp the qualities of the software and the developer/team. Please welcome Paul Booth who will talk about Question Tools Editor. Read more
Typing Tutors – an Easy Way to Improve Your Typing
Some great software programs to hone your typing skills, reduce frustration, save precious time, make work more efficient and fluent and increase productivity. Read more
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