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Management Software (5,729 programs)

Looking for good PDF software or presentation software? Looking for CRM or project management software? The “Management Software” category features full professional reviews of recommended free and paid management software for businesses or individuals. All the recommended tools and software required to manage and optimize your business and computer functionality. The selection includes financial, legal and support software such as Power Point, Word, PDF readers and Microsoft Office for download

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Best software in Business Software
Aloaha portable PDF Reader and Viewer
Aloaha portable PDF Reader Download
Best software in Inventory Software
Create stylish ID card and labels as required
ID Card Application Download
Best software in Inventory Software
Report server FastReport Server
FastReport Server Download
Best software in Business Software
Counts occurrences of words within text.
Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Download
Best software in Business Software
Organize and manage your boat related data.
Boat Organizer Deluxe Download
Best software in Business Software
Portfolio Performance Valuation Monitoring
Portfolio Performance Monitoring Download
Best software in Project Management
Time tracking software for business success!
actiTIME MA Download
Best software in Business Software
AccessToFile - Access export files (csv, txt)
AccessToFile Download
Best software in Business Software
Mobile Money Machines Review
Mobile Money Machines Download
Best software in Business Software
Autotext Text Expander for Windows
PhraseExpress Autotext Download
Best software in Business Software
ISO Metric Tap and Drill Calculator
ISO Metric Tap Drill Calculator Download
Best software in Business Software
Allow Pdf print copy edit remove pdf password
Pdf file Restrictions Remover Download

Articles in Management Software

Best Ad Blockers to Secure Your Internet Browsing
When surfing the net, Ad blockers do not only provide an overall secure browsing experience but also help websites load faster and use less data. Read on to see our reviews of the best ad blockers (paid and free) that can provide you with the necessary security without any compromises. Read more
Benefits, Downsides, and Setup of Router VPN
The growth and importance of using VPNs has increased recently as they are a reliable way of encrypting your data so that it cannot be viewed or manipulated by outside forces. Additionally, your VPN can be utilized even more by setting it up on your router, resulting in increased security. Read on to find out how this can be done. Read more
Top 10 VPN Troubleshooting Tips for 2019
Here are our top ten tips on making the most of your VPN. Whether you’re using NordVPN, ExpressVPN or another, it’s worth bearing the following in mind the next time you connect to a remote server! Read more
Really How Safe Are VPNs?
While using a VPN has its advantages and benefits, there are certain things that even the best VPNs can't protect you from. Read more

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