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Encryption Software (332 programs)

Do you need reliable encryption software? The “Encryption Software” category features professional reviews of a variety of free and paid encryption software. A range of recommended software for download that will enable you to encrypt information and to edit and manage encryption securely, reliably and privately

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Software to protect folders with a password.
Folder Password Protect Download
Protects data on shared disks or folders
ShareCrypt Download
Best rated security PC desktop lock available
Vinasoft Desktop Lock Download
RSA encryption tool for webmail & messenger
CommuniCrypt2Go Download
Full disk encryption, hidden operating system
DriveCrypt Plus Pack Download
Recover Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 passwords.
LCP Download
Hide secret files into innocent pictures.
1-2- Free Steganography Download
An encrypted executable text container.
MAXA Text2EXE Download
PDF Encrypt to encrypt existing PDFs.
PDF Encrypt COM/SDK Download
Kremlin: Build a wall around your data!
Kremlin Encrypt Download

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Articles in Encryption Software

AI-Powered Traffic Routing for Maximum Online Security
Hackers can now gain access to our credit card details and various personal information when we buy products and services online and use digital platforms to pay our bills. What can you do to protect your sensitive information and successfully bar all the cybersecurity gates? Read on to find out. Read more
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 101
The Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) is the most popular and widely used code/cipher/algorithm that companies, which have an online presence, employ to ensure the security of all online information. Most of the online world today; companies, big and small, rely on AES to secure their online data. This post is a beginner's guide to AES; a simplistic, non-technical explanation of a rather highly technical topic. Read more
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