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Security Software (727 programs)

Looking for effective security software? The “Security Software” category features comprehensive and detailed reviews of all the recommended free and paid security software for download. All the recommended tools and software to keep your computer safe and protected from threats. Top computer and information security software from all around the world

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Keeps a complete record of your computer's activity
Drpu Pc Data Manager Download
Remotely Monitor your Webcam, Desktop or Mic!
1AVMonitor Download
ZDelete Internet Eraser is a cleanup utility
ZDelete Internet Eraser Download
Hides your IP address from online websites
IP Hider Download
Protect your computer from unwanted access.
Desktop Lock Download
Spy Voice Recorder, computer sound monitor
Spy Voice Recorder Download
Monitoring network access to shared folders.
ShareAlarmPro Download
Keystroke internet activity recorder software
Remote Computer Spy Download
1 click enable/disable Windows password prompts
Admit One Download
Your Virtual Private Network-100% Anonymity!
SimonTools CyberGhost VPN Download
Put a spy inside your PC to monitor other users
Total Spy Download
Advanced Security and Encryption for your PC
Window Security Toolkit Download
Extracts data from email messages for importing.
Message Parse Download

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Articles in Security Software

VPN Leaks and How to Test for Them
VPNs have been known to be secure and a great way to protect your data. However, recent tests have shown that over 80% of them actually have a number of leaks that expose their users’ personal information. So how can you tell if your VPN is leaking information and how can you overcome leaks? Read on to find out. Read more
VPN Scams Worth Avoiding
Virtual Private Networks have been developed with the major aim of protecting your online privacy. But they can often also be dangerous and shady, providing questionable services that may not be legitimate. Read on to find out a list that will help keep you out of trouble and guide you towards safe and legitimate VPNs. Read more
VPN Security and Privacy – Are You as Safe as You Should Be?
VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are lauded as the best option for protecting your privacy online. When shopping for an effective and speedy VPN, there are always some important points that you need to take into account to ensure that you have selected the best. Read on to find out what these are. Read more
How to make Firefox more private
The Firefox browser enjoys a positive reputation among privacy enthusiasts as a robust browser that respects your data. Firefox can be adjusted in order to achieve an even greater degree of privacy. Performing a few simple tweaks will improve your experience both online and on your own PC. Read more
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