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Tools & Utilities (5,080 programs)

Looking for a utility or tool to improve your computer performance? The “Tools & Utilities” category features full reviews of recommended free and paid tools and utilities for download that will improve your computer’s performance and diversify its capabilities. The selection includes printing software, file compression, calendars, Windows utilities for download and more

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Best software in Windows Utilities
Carry your passwords on your key ring.
Webm8 Portable Edition Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
See/Get Directories/Folders Size in 1 Tree
1Tree Basic Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
HTML, text, CSV, database directory listings.
Directory Lister Pro Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software
FreeMind Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Switch between lower case and upper case
Lower Case Switcher Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Variety of useful info & tools in one place
NikNak Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Splitting multiple PDF files
Split PDF Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Test and optimize your computer
Dacris Benchmarks Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Instantly hide programs, lock computer
Quick Hide Windows Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
An efficient Windows maintenance utility
Red Button Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Shell extensions to manipulate NTFS links
Alax.Info NTFS Links Download
Best software in Clocks & Timers
Set and forget time clock for freelancers
Ticks Download
Best software in Windows Utilities
Backup data copied to the clipboard.
ClipSafe Clipboard Backup Download

Articles in Tools & Utilities

Everything You Need to Know About Browser Fingerprinting
Data collection and tracking methods are extremely important because it is what helps companies profile you based on your online preferences. The more they know about you as an online user, the easier it will be for them to target you with proper advertisements with the main goal of increasing their revenues. What methods are used to do this? Read on to find out. Read more
How to Access Facebook in China For Free?
There are some very popular, safe and legal ways through which you can access Facebook in China for absolutely free. Read on find out more about the three most popular ways by which you can bypass the Great Firewall to access not just Facebook but any website that you want. Read more
Free VPN Scam: VPN Master
There are many high of quality free VPNs available, but, there are also some that have been specifically developed for the purpose of scamming you and spreading malware. One such company that is performing this scam is VPN Master. Read on see which VPN Master apps you should avoid, as well as tips for testing VPNs for malware and information on some safe free services. Read more
Does ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix?
For people that enjoy watching foreign content , Netflix has created a VPN detection system that unfortunately restricts its free viewing. There is however one VPN service that provides unrestricted access to Netflix at all times. ExpressVPN has done a great job of unblocking the service. Here’s a breakdown of ExpressVPN’s current compatibility with the streaming service. Read more

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