Version 3.5.5 46206
4.93 MB
Security Verified
Security Verified
Editor's Choice: uTorrent 3.5.5 46206

uTorrent rightfully earns itself a spot as one of the best file-sharing services on the web.

The software, which is designed to help users upload and download content through peer to peer networks, contains an unfathomable amount of content.

Yet, even though there is an abundance of torrents, users can still find exactly what they are looking for without endless amounts of searching. Users can simply enter in keywords, and find exactly what they desire in just seconds.

Furthermore, uTorrent takes up only a minimal amount of space on a device, as it is designed to be light and efficient. As a result, users can still browse the web and complete various other tasks while the file-sharing software runs in the background.

But what makes the software so great is that it is entirely free.

Those who hop on to the network can upload and download as much as they like, without ever having to invest a single penny of their own.

Free to use lightweight torrent client.

Download and upload countless files with the lightest file-sharing service on the web – uTorrent.

uTorrent is a file-sharing service dedicated to sharing the best content on the web with millions of users. The site holds endless file types such as audiobooks, videos, novels, music and so much more.

How uTorrent works is wildly simple. Users simply download the service, then set it up for their local preferences. From there, users can simply search through the massive library and find which files suit their needs. Best of all, those who utilize the service never have to pay a single penny to acquire dozens of awesome downloads.

However, unlike many of the other file-sharing sites, uTorrent is relatively small and light. The software takes up minimal space, ensuring that users can easily use the service without slowing down their devices.

Get the file-sharing service today that puts all other competitors to shame.

● Unlimited Downloads – Download thousands of games, files, books, audio clips, and more from a library packed with awesome content. Assemble a massive collection without ever paying a single penny.

● Amazing Content – Collect the finest software products, games, and books available on the web. Find just what you are looking for in any genre when you comb through uTorrent’s incredible library.

● Multi-Language Support – Looking to download content but can’t find it in your native language? Fear not, as uTorrent hosts countless programs and files that are available in dozens of languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Mandarin, Korean and many others.

● P2P Sharing – Share files with millions of other users in massive peer to peer networks. Download, upload, and find epic content that has been shared by other users who have contributed to the network.

Forget collecting files from dozens of different sites – get uTorrent today and see just how simple file-sharing can be.

uTorrent is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux.

Astro Says:

  • Faster than most other torrent programs
  • Includes useful information on each file
  • Uses very little of computer's resources
  • There is no media player included.
  • Quality of search results is quite low
Version 3.5.5 46206
4.93 MB
Security Verified
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download With uTorrent?

Once you have installed and set up uTorrent, you can start downloading with it.

  1. Head to Google and search for the most popular torrent sites.
  2. Choose a torrent site you want to visit and click on the link.
  3. Once on the torrent website, you’ll be able to browse through all different torrent files available for download.
  4. If you have anything specific in your mind, use the search feature most torrent sites have to find what you are looking for.
  5. Once you find what you want to download, click on the “Get this torrent”, “Download”, or “Download torrent” (the label on the button varies). 
  6. Go to the torrent file download location on your drive, open uTorrent, click the torrent file, and drag and drop it into uTorrent.
How do I add a torrent?

Besides dragging and dropping the torrent file into uTorrent, there are a couple of more ways to add a torrent to uTorrent

  1. When downloading a torrent file from a torrent website, you can click on a magnet link (link with a small icon of a magnet).
  2. You can also download the torrent file and instead of dragging it into uTorrent, simply double-click it.
  3. You can add a torrent directly from the uTorrent app.

–  Click on “File > Add Torrent” and navigate to the directory where a torrent file is, select it, and click “Open”.

–  If you know the URL of a torrent file, you can skip downloading it and start the download directly by clicking on “File > Add torrent from URL…”.

How do I remove the advertising in uTorrent?

To remove the ads in uTorrent, you need to open the uTorrent app, click “Options –> Preferences”.

It will open the “Preferences” windows.

Look for the “Advanced” in the left section of the window and click it.

In the left section of the window, look for the following and set the radio button to false for each one:

● gui.show_plus_upsell 
● offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
● offers.left_rail_offer_enabled
● gui.show_notorrents_node
● offers.content_offer_autoexec
● bt.enable_pulse

Click the “OK” button to save the changes, close the uTorrent client, and restart it.

It should run completely ad-free now.

Utorrent: Why is my download speed extremely slow?

Are you struggling to quickly download content from uTorrent?

Regardless of your internet connection and setup, there are still plenty of reasons why your download speeds may be lagging. If you can’t figure out why your speeds are so slow on the peer-to-peer download site, then check out the following situations, and determine if any apply to your account.

1. You Have Multiple Files Downloading
Downloading multiple files at once is a surefire way to kill your download speed. As you continue to add more downloads to the queue, your bandwidth will be forced to split between each file. The result is countless slow file downloads, rather than one fast or moderate download. If time is of the essence, download just one file at a time to ensure maximum speed.


2. You Have Bandwidth Allocated Equally to Each Download
If you don’t want to forgo downloading multiple files at once, you can simply choose which files receive the most bandwidth. If you would like a specific file to download quicker than others, then simply right-click on it, and choose the option “Bandwidth Allocation” from the toolbar. You’ll have three options to choose from, which are low, normal, and high allocation. The speed of the download will then speed up or slow down in relation to the speed of other downloads.

3. You’re Using a Wifi Connection 
Modern Wifi is way quicker than it was 10 years ago, but it is still nowhere near as fast as a wired connection. If you want to increase download speeds without doing anything super technical, then simply connect an ethernet cable from your device to your internet router.

4. Your Queue Settings are Set Too High
uTorrent allows you to enter an advanced menu to choose how many uploads or downloads can be active at the same time. However, allowing the program to download or upload a large number of torrents such as 10 at once splits the bandwidth between all files. As a result, all of the files take far longer than they would if they were the only file being downloaded. For the best results, click on the preferences pane, and select queuing. Then set the active number of file downloads or uploads to an appropriate number based on your internet package.

5. The Number of Seeders is Less than the Number of Peers
Since uTorrent is a peer-to-peer application, the downloads that can be found on it are sourced by other users. Users who source a file for download are titled seeders, whereas users who download from others are called peers. If a file has a large number of seeders, then there are more possible options for the program to create the fastest path for peers to download from. If your download speeds are slow, it could just be due to a lack of seeders. To fix the problem, just choose another file with a greater number of seeders.

uTorrent is designed to be fast and friendly, so if you are still experiencing problems after running through the above list, then check your hardware and internet service package to determine what else may be causing slow speeds.

uTorrent not connecting to peers

If your uTorrent client is not connecting to peers, the chances are that your network or system firewall is the problem. uTorrent uses specific ports for incoming and outgoing traffic. If those are blocked, you won’t be able to download or seed torrent files.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix. Open the uTorrent client and navigate to Options > Preferences.

Enable the following three options:
•   Enable UPnP port mapping
•   Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
•   Add Windows Firewall exception