Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Corporation
Version Microsoft Word 2021
Free trial
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Security Verified
A word processing software for academic, office, or home use.

How To Download And Install Microsoft Word in 6 easy steps

  • Go to DownloadAstro and look for Microsoft Word Free Download. Once you found it, click the “Download” button.

Microsoft Word Download screen

  • You will then be taken to the official Microsoft Word page where you can sign up for free

Microsoft word sign up page

  • In this part, you may click “Install Now” to immediately install the software on your device. However, you also have the freedom to customize your preferred type of Microsoft Office.


  • Click “Install Now.”


  • Now that Microsoft Word is installed on your device, click “Close.


  • Finally, click “OK” and enjoy writing letters or documents.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is an extremely popular word processing tool that allows you to create and edit documents, from simple letters and memos to complex documents with tables and graphics. 

The first version of Microsoft Word was created in 1983 by Charles Simonyi, who also designed other well-known software applications such as Excel, PowerPoint and Project. The current version includes updated features and new tools to help you create professional documents and presentations.


Top Feature: Editing tools

When you write a document, it’s important to have tools that can help you write better and more professionally. Microsoft Word has many such tools:

  • The grammar checker helps you fix basic errors in your written language, from simple spelling mistakes to incorrect verb tense usage. It also includes advanced features like punctuation checking, which can detect missing commas or unnecessary quotation marks in your writing.
  • The spell checker checks for incorrect words and homonyms (words that sound alike but have different meanings). It can find misspelled words even when they are used correctly or intentionally misspelled.
  • The autocorrect feature automatically fixes common typing mistakes as you type them by changing an incorrect word into the correct one based on its context in the sentence—for example, changing “it’s” to “its” when it appears after a possessive noun like “tablet”. This feature is turned off by default; if you want to enable it, visit File > Options > Proofing tab > AutoCorrect Options button at the bottom left corner of the dialog box that pops up when clicking inside this tab (see screenshot above), then select all options except “Correct accidental usage of cAPS LOCK key” option under AutoCorrect options section under Proofing area of dialog box (click here for screenshot showing position of these two buttons) .


Underrated Microsoft Word Features:

  • Ribbon Interface: The Ribbon Interface is the main feature of Microsoft Word. This user-friendly interface allows users to easily locate and access the most commonly used functions and commands from the top of the window. There are several tabs within the ribbon interface that allow users to quickly find the tools they need for formatting, creating tables, inserting pictures, and more.
  • Page Layout: Microsoft Word offers a wide range of page layout options, allowing users to easily customize the look and feel of their document. With the built-in templates, users can quickly select a design for their document and then customize it to their liking.
  • Document Collaboration: With the document collaboration features of Microsoft Word, users can easily collaborate with other users in real-time. This allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously and makes it easy to share and edit documents with colleagues.
  • Table of Contents: The Table of Contents feature in Microsoft Word allows users to quickly create an organized outline for their documents. This makes it easy to quickly create a well-structured document and add titles and headings.



Using Microsoft Word

Using Word for Free

A free version of Word is available in multiple forms:

  • You can access the basic version of Microsoft Word for free from the Microsoft website.
  • There is also a mobile version of Word that you can use on your phone or tablet devices.


Using Word on Mobile:

Word is available on mobile devices. You can use it on your phone or tablet, as well as on your computer and then sync the document to your phone.

You can also use Microsoft Word online in a web browser like Chrome or Safari by signing into your Office 365 account from any device (such as a laptop or desktop computer) that has an Internet connection.


Using Templates:

Templates are pre-configured documents that you can quickly open and start working on. They’re great for saving time when you’re doing repetitive tasks, such as creating brochures or newsletters.


Using Word collaboratively:

Sharing documents with others –

  • You can share your document with other people by email. They will need to have Microsoft Word installed on their computer to view your document.
  • You can also save a copy of the document in another file format, such as .pdf or .docx, if you want to share it without having to send it through email or store it on their computer.

Working collaboratively in real time with other users on Microsoft Word documents –

  • One way for multiple people working together on the same project is through Office 365 Groups. This allows team members who don’t sit next to each other at work access files from anywhere using any device (including phones).


Using older versions of Word Documents

As you work on a document, Microsoft Word stores your changes in the document. If you need to go back to an earlier version of the document, you can use the File > Open command to open it.

When using this command, you’ll see a list of all recently used documents that are stored in your computer. This includes documents that were opened from your cloud storage service account or network drive. You can also choose which folder to search for files when using the File > Open Recent command by clicking Change Folder and selecting a different location for recent files.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Corporation
Version Microsoft Word 2021
Free trial
289.20 MB
Security Verified
Comparison of Alternative Programs:
Alternatives to Microsoft Word - Software Comparison Chart:
App Name
File Size
An alternative to MS Office
323.76 MB
An office software program
136.00 MB
Similar to Microsoft Office, but cheaper
206.00 MB
A professional office suite with many uses
397.42 MB
Type documents, create spreadsheeds, and develop presentations
298.05 MB
Lightweight yet powerful Text editor for Doc & Docx files.
32.00 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get better at Microsoft Word?

We’ve outlined 10 easy tips and tricks to enhance your productivity – 

  • Use CTRL+F to find and replace words. 
  • You can change the case of each word via the Aa symbol in the home tab. 
  • Use Format Painter to copy the formatting of one section to another.
  • Make a whiteboard of words by double clicking anywhere on the page.
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste) or CTRL+K (add web link).
  • Save documents as PDFs using “Save as”.
  • Collapse the Toolbar Ribbon using CTRL+F1.
  • Add a horizontal line: type three hyphens, then press enter.
  • Add phrases to autocorrect: File>Options>Proofing>Autocorrect Options>”Replace with”.
  • Insert uncommon symbols via the “Insert” tab.
How do I add a chart to Microsoft Word?
  • Click on the “Insert” tab, then select the chart symbol, which consists of three vertical rectangles. 
  • Once this box has been clicked, you can choose which type of chart to insert. 
  • Input data via the small window with cells.
How do I add a chart to Microsoft Word via Excel?
  • Insert data into your excel spreadsheet as required. 
  • Highlight all of this data, then click the “Insert” tab. Once here, you can choose which sort of chart to creat from the listed section. 
  • After this has been created, right click and press copy. 
  • Paste this copied data into Microsoft Word, and it will appear as it did in Excel.
How to insert a video in Microsoft Word
  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • On the toolbar, scroll to “Object” on the right if you are inserting a video from your device, or to “Online Video” in the middle if you want to insert a Web Video. 
  • On the “Object” pane, click create a file and insert the video from your computer. If you want to insert a Web Video, simply insert the hyperlink.
How to connect Microsoft Word to the Cloud Service
  • Open Microsoft Word, and click “File” .
  • Select “Open”, then choose “Add a Place”. 
  • Choose from any available cloud options that you have installed on your device.
  • If a cloud storage provider fails to appear, ensure first it is installed on your device.
How to compare two documents in Microsoft Word

Microsoft actually makes this process quite easy. See below for a step-by-step guide

  • Click “Review” on the toolbar.
  • Then, click the “Compare” button on the right of the toolbar. 
  • Microsoft will allow you to select two documents you would like to compare. You can also choose what sorts of changes you would like to track. 
  • To follow changes, simply follow the “Revisions” pane on the far left side of the screen. 
  • You can easily save your work without affecting the documents being compared – simply click “File” > “Save As”