VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

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Security Verified
Editor's Choice: VLC Media Player

Though VLC Media Player is represented by a less than appealing traffic cone logo, the service is anything but a bump in the road.

VLC is a media player which is absolutely loaded with helpful features and facets, which make it more than ideal for playing all sorts of audio and video clips.

First off, VLC offers support for nearly every type of file format. Thus, users can watch or listen to content from popular formats such as MP3, WAV, MPEG-4, and dozens of others.

Second off, VLC allows users to stream content as it is downloading. Which is contrary to many other media players, that require users to fully download a video before being able to watch any of it.

Yet what seems to grab the attention of most users is VLCs compatibility. Users can rely on the media player for just about every type of content, which makes it an extremely reliable option.

Ultra-compatible media player ideal for nearly all file formats.

What makes a great media player great? Is it the ability to stream HQ videos? The option to watch content from a variety of formats? Or perhaps, just a simple interface that makes viewing any type of media a breeze?

The answer is easy – all of them.

VLC Media Player is a product that does all of that – and more.

Like other media players, VLC specializes in the ability to watch clips and videos from a variety of different formats. Countless video types such as MPEG-4, WMV, MKV, RealVideo, and more can all be enjoyed in just a matter of seconds. Users simply load the file into the software, and start enjoying content without having any struggles.

However, VLC does far more than just stream video files. The advanced media player can also display content from popular audio files such as CDs, MP3s, WAV, and countless others.

Say goodbye to all of your media player struggles when you download VLC Media Player today.

● Multi-Format Capability – Play dozens of different media types without encountering a single problem. Load and play videos, audio files, podcasts, and more from popular formats such as MIDI, AVI, MPEG-4, DVD, and countless others.

● Simplistic Interface – Enjoy watching or listening to media content without a single struggle. VLCs simple, yet effective interface makes it easy for even the most basic of computer users to play content from their favorite pieces.

● Unrivaled Compatibility – Forget relying on computers and laptops to experience awesome media content. With VLC, users can watch content on smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world.

Join the 47 million others using VLC to satisfy all of their media needs.

VLC Media Player is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Android, and iOS.

Astro Says:

  • Works with all media formats
  • Includes subtitles and is available in many languages
  • Blu-ray files can play on it
  • Interface is too complex
  • Users must alter settings to eliminate Girish subtitles
VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player
40.10 MB
Security Verified
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Multi-functional media player standard on all Microsoft devices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Update the VLC Media Player

Every VLC Media Player update brings security patches, new features, and improvements. To get access to them, you need to update the VLC media player on your device. You can do it easily by following these instructions:

•   Open VLC Media Player
•   Click “Help” > “Check for Updates”
•   If there is an available update, click “Yes” to start download
•   Once the download is complete, click the “Install” button
•   Click “Yes” to give the installation admin privileges
•   Click “Next” in the installation wizard window
•   Choose “Upgrade VLC using previous settings” and follow with a “Next”
•   Wait for the update to complete

VLC doesn't display all subtitles

To make subtitles in VLC show by default, go to Tools > Preferences > Subtitles/OSD and select “Automatic” in the “Text rendering module” menu.

To show default subtitles in a preferred language, go to the “Subtitles Language” tab in “Subtitles/OSD” and type in “English”, for example, in the “Preferred subtitles language” box. Click on “Save” and VLC will start displaying subtitles automatically.

7 Top Solutions to Fix VLC Media Player Video No Sound

To fix VLC Media Player Video No Sound problem try the following:

1. Mute/Unmute audio – Start VLC and navigate to Audio > Mute. Go to Tools > Preferences and navigate to the Audio tab. Check the “Enable Audio” box.
2. Check if the sound device is disabled – Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound, right-click devices and select “Enable”
3. Disable/Enable audio track – Play a video, navigate to Audio > Audio Track > Disable and enable
4. Disable all sound enhancements – Control Panel > Sound > Right-click devices and go to Properties > go to Enhancements tab > check “Disable All Enhancement” box
5. Make sure audio is enabled – Navigate to Tools > Preferences > Audio Settings, make sure the “Enable Audio” box is checked
6. Change output module – Go to Audio Settings and try different options from the “Output Module” dropdown menu
7. Update your VLC media player – Go to Help > Check for Updates

VLC: How to fix Videos that are too dark

Some videos can appear to be too dark when you play than in VLC. Here’s what you have to do to make them appear brighter:

•   Open VLC and click on “Tools”
•   Select “Effects and Filters”
•   Find “Adjustment of Effects,” and select “Video Effects”
•   Navigate to the “Essentials” tab.
•   Check the box that says “Image adjust”
•   Move the sliders until the video is bright enough

How to Zoom into Videos in VLC Media Player

VLC has a native feature that allows users to zoom in on videos at will. The feature is called Interactive Zoom, and here’s how you use it:

•   Open the “Tools” tab from the menu
•   Select “Effects and Filters”
•   Select the “Geometry” tab
•   Check the box that says, “Interactive Zoom”
•   Hit Save

The zoom can also set advanced preferences:

•   From the “Tools” menu navigate to “Preferences”
•   Select “All” under the “Show settings”
•   Find “Video” in the “Advanced Preferences”
•   Scroll down until you see “Zoom video” and select the zoom factor
•   Hit Save