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Excel Add In to Convert Distances


Excel has many uses for diversified purposes. Some use Excel as a business database while others use it for research. In many occasions having a built in distance conversion option could save a great deal of time and trouble. Well, with PowerUps you can enjoy such functions.

POWERCONVERTDISTANCE – built in distance conversion function

In order to use the distance conversion function, simply choose the 'PowerUps' option from the main tool bar:



Converting distances


Then, select the 'PowerUps Functions' option:




Then, select the 'Conversion' option and the 'pwrCONVERTDISTANCE' function from the list of available functions:




After you choose the pwrCONVERTDISTANCE function an additional function window will appear as is the case with all of Excel's functions. Use the 'Original' field to choose which cell should be converted; choose the 'Sourceunit' field to choose the measurement of the original cell; and use the 'Targetunit' field to select the output measurement.




The function's return value will be the original distance converted into the desired measurement. This function can come in handy in many cases. Imagine having to convert distances between cities from kilometers to miles regarding a long list of cities. With this function, this task becomes quite easy:




And, you're done! Now you can easily and quickly convert distances without having to know the exact ratios between measurements. You can also easily switch measurements!

Good luck!


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