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What's Skype Credit and What Can You Do With It?

Many users suffice with Skype's free version and enjoy video calls of high audio and video quality. Other users need additional features and therefore upgrade their Skype accounts into a Skype Premium account and enjoy more of Skype's features and capabilities.  However, there's a large group of users who need more out of Skype than offered by its free version but whose needs do not warrant a Premium account.

Skype's Credit exists to meet such needs. This system allows users to 'deposit' funds in their Skype account and, in return, utilize advanced Skype services and features.

It's understandable that the rates for these services are less attractive than the rates offered to Premium accounts, but should you require such services not too often Skype Credit is probably the best solution for you.


What is Skype Credit good for?

After you've acquired some Credit, you'll be able to:

  • Call mobile phones and landlines throughout the world for low rates
  • Send text messages for very attractive rates
  • Use over a million public WiFi hotspots
  • Enjoy call forwarding to a mobile phone or a landline of your choosing


How can I acquire Skype Credit?

Access Skype's website and click the 'Buy Skype Credit' option:




This will get you to the following screen:




Please note that the Auto-recharge option is checked by default. This means that whenever your account balance reaches a certain level you'll be automatically charged according to the method of payments you've selected. If you'd rather control these charges for acquiring Skype Credit just uncheck this option.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions until you've completed the process.

And, you're done! Now you can enjoy Skype's advanced services and features in your own time and according to your specific needs without committing to regular payments!

Good luck!


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