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Security Verified
Ultra-capable VPN with servers located in nearly every country.

Do you need to research information on the web which is currently not available in your country? Perhaps the area you live in has a block on the info you need, or perhaps what you are looking for just won’t show up in the local search results. Whatever the case may be, there is an easy solution – connecting to a geographically diverse virtual private network like HideMyAss to find exactly what you need.

HideMyAss VPN allows you to find just what you are looking for by changing your search location to an area which has fewer restrictions, or more relevant content. This is achieved by connecting to one of HideMyAss’s worldwide servers, which are abundant in 190 countries. These servers trick your internet connection into believing that you are in one of those foreign countries, rather than at home at your desk.

You might be wondering if such a ‘trick’ is safe, and if it is something that will harm your computer or device. The quick answer is yes, virtual private networks were actually built with safety in mind. What the service does is connect your device to a foreign server with a different IP address, all while encrypting your connection. The foreign IP address allows you to search from a different location without exposing your true location, whereas the encryption process encodes your activity into a complex format which is unreadable by anyone without an encryption key.

But what about the encryption key you ask? Well, that key only belongs to HideMyAss, and if a hacker did try to obtain the key by brute force, it would legitimately take millions of years as there are so many different key combinations.

So whether you are surfing the web to access new information, or looking for a service to protect your internet activity, you can rest assured that HideMyAss has got you covered.

• Unbelievable Worldwide Coverage – Few other VPNs can hold a candle to HideMyAss when it comes to the number of countries and servers available for users. HideMyAss offers over 900 different servers in 190 different countries. Explore every corner of the web when you connect to different servers with different privacy laws!
• Super Simple Interface – Choose exactly where you want to search from with HideMyAss’s simple and easy to use server selection. Three modes allow you to choose from a server that is nearest to you, a server in a select city, and a server in a select country. Bounce from server to server to satisfy all of your web browsing needs.
• Protect All Devices With Your Router – Connect your router to HideMyAss VPN to ensure that all of your devices are protected when surfing the web. Certain devices such as game consoles and smart TV’s don’t have the capability to run a VPN, so connecting to a router which is using a virtual private network protects even the most basic of web-enabled devices.

HideMyAss VPN is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and routers (which protect all connected devices).

HideMyAss VPN is a tough service to put a finger on, as the user experiences are all so radically different. Some users have claimed that the service worked just as it was supposed to, whereas other users have claimed the complete opposite.

For starters, HideMyAss VPN does have an impressive amount of servers scattered around the world, in an impressive amount of countries. HideMyAss claims that it has well over 900 servers, in 190 different countries. This wide of an array allows users to essentially view the web from every different perspective of the world.

Additionally, HideMyAss has fairly consistent speeds and doesn’t dampen the user experience when hooked up to the VPN like other lesser quality VPNs do.

Another strongpoint that HideMyAss gets right is its smooth and simple user interface. Users can effortlessly connect to a local server, a server from a select city, or a server from a select country. This allows users to fully explore the web, and take advantage of the multiple servers around the world, which are all subject to dramatically different privacy laws. Certain countries obviously offer more content and allow users to access more of the information available on the web. With servers in 190 countries, users truly can access nearly every amount of information residing on the net.

However, not every user has seemed to have the same experience with HideMyAss VPN. While some users seem to easily browse the web through the VPN without a problem, others have hardly been able to connect.

Furthermore, HideMyAss has recently been cracking down on subscribers who use the service to download movies and access torrents – without making it explicitly obvious that they don’t tolerate downloads or torrents. Moreover, the service is no longer compatible with Netflix, which has seriously diminished its value. These recent changes have caused many long-time users to abandon ship, and head to a VPN which offers more features.

Overall, HideMyAss VPN is a fairly good VPN for those who are looking for private browsing and the ability to bypass internet restrictions. What it lacks in features it makes up for in geographic distribution, which few other VPNs can compete with.

Servers and Speed
Countries – 190
Server Count – 900
Speeds – Roughly 20% decrease in speed when using the VPN compared to when not using the service.

Does it Work with Netflix?

Does it Work in China?
Yes, in certain provinces.

Version 5.1.259
Free trial
17.60 MB
Security Verified
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