Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

AnchorFree Inc
Version 11.1.3
21.20 MB
Security Verified
Security Verified
Editor's Choice: Hotspot Shield 11.1.3

Although there are countless superb VPNs available in 2019, Hotspot Shield is still a standout in regards to speed and security.

Hotspot Shield doesn’t mess around when it comes to speed. The service strives to provide some of the fastest connection speeds available of any VPN, and it certainly does that. Its signature protocol, catapult hydra, allows for each connection to be wickedly fast. A handful of speed tests indicate that the VPN is the fastest currently available.

However, there is far more to the VPN than just speed. It is also incredibly easy to manage, requiring users to do little more than simply turn the service on via a one-click button. The unrivaled level of ease ensures that even the most clumsy of computer users can safely connect to the web.

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that Hotspot Shield offers a great level of protection when surfing the web. Once the service is turned on, all of a user’s activity is channeled through a private network, ensuring that none of their personal information can be captured.

Overall, Hotspot Shield is a very reliable option that users can depend on to stay safe while browsing the web.

Virtual private network offering incredible speed and security.

Are you taking care to protect your personal information when you browse the web?

The web is a more dangerous place than it has ever been before. Hackers, governments, internet providers, and social networks now have nearly full access to users’ personal information.

But what if there was a way to prevent those entities from being able to see what you have been up to? To shut them out, and keep all of your information entirely withheld?

With Hotspot Shield, you can do just that.

The privacy-focused network strives to keep users totally anonymous while browsing the web, without leaving a single digital footprint. And how it does that is relatively simple.

Once a user connects to one of Hotspot Shield’s virtual private networks, their data is immediately routed into a private tunnel that encrypts all activities. The encrypted data then becomes a series of numbers, which can never be unlocked without obtaining an encryption key.

So what does that mean for users?

It means that they can easily surf the web from coffee shops, airports, libraries, or universities without ever worrying about their data being stolen.

Don’t hand your data over to the wrong people – get Hotspot Shield today and maintain your right to privacy.

● Blazing Fast Speeds – Safely search the web without being held back by a slow connection. Hotspot Shield uses its own private servers and protocol to ensure that web browsers are never left on the loading screen.

● Torrent Friendly Service – Download endless amounts of torrents without ever worrying about exposing your true identity. Whether downloading movies, series, music, or more – Hotspot Shield has got you covered.

● Netflix From Abroad – Enjoy Netflix from anywhere in the world with Hotspot Shield’s advanced tunneling network. Go ahead and watch epic series from any of the Netflix libraries located around the globe.

● Unmatched Simplicity – Connecting to a virtual private network should be a breeze. Thankfully with Hotspot shield, it is. Users simply join a private server with a few simple clicks. No hassle, no headaches, and no hard feelings.

Get Hotspot Shield today and keep your internet activity safe from prying eyes.

Astro Says:

  • Works better than other free VPNs
  • Faster than alternatives with US sites
  • Prevents others from monitoring online activity
  • Ads displayed on every page with free version
  • Unnecessary news page opens with program
Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield
AnchorFree Inc
Version 11.1.3
21.20 MB
Security Verified
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