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Open Office

Version 4.1.12
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Security Verified
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Although not as popular as the Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office has still found huge success in the Office Suite market. Whereas Microsoft Office and even Apple iWorks can cost a small fortune, Open Office is free to download and use to all, regardless of what Operating System they run.
Open Office comes with all of the programs that you would expect to find in some of the more popular and more costly programs. There is a word processor, a spreadsheet maker and a slideshow creator, along with a handful of other useful programs that mimic the ones found in Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks.
Open Office, which was developed by Apache, is actually preferred by many to the Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks Suites, and not just because it’s cheaper. They find that Open Office is simpler and easy to use, they also report that it has a more natural and intuitive interface and isn’t as glitchy as its more costly competitors.

An office software program

Apache Open Office is a widely used and free Office Suite that comes loaded with a range of programs, from a spreadsheet creator and word processor to a slideshow maker and a spreadsheet. Not only does Open Office support a large number of file formats for all of its programs, but it also runs in many different languages and can be installed on most Operating Systems, including Mac and Windows.
Standard formats are used in Open Office for creating and saving your data, which means that all files created on Open Office can be run on programs such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and Microsoft Excel. Open Office can be downloaded for free, but despite this, a lot of thought and effort has gone into its development. Apache had actually developed Open Office for over twenty years before they felt that the program was able to rival (and bettered, in many instances) what was on the market.
Open Office’s interface is extremely user-friendly interface and anyone can master this program in no time at all. If you have any experience with similar programs, such as Microsoft Office, then Open Office will feel like second nature to you. If not, and if you are new to these programs, then Open Office can be a great place to start as it is quick to learn easy to master.

Astro Says:

  • Free download available for all OS
  • Has fewer glitches than pricy competitors
  • Users find interface natural and intuitive
  • Interface cluttered when sidebar is open
  • Fewer features than more expensive options
Open Office
Open Office
Version 4.1.12
136.00 MB
Security Verified
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Frequently Asked Questions

Open-Office: I'm having trouble with fonts, is there a solution?

If some fonts aren’t displaying as expected when you open a document in Open-Office, you should check if you have them installed on your device.

Here is how you can check that:
•   Click start on your desktop
•   Type in “Control Panel” and find “Fonts”
•   Check the list of installed fonts
•   If the font you are using isn’t installed, download and install it from the internet
•   Open the file once again, and the letters should load correctly



How do I convert multiple documents to PDF?

Open Office allows you to convert multiple PDF documents at once by using the batch converter macro feature.

Here is how you find it:
•   Open Open Office and find “File” in the menu
•   Select “Export as PDF”
•   Select the files you want to export and they will change from the standard to PDF files



OpenOffice: How do I perform a word count of my document?

OpenOffice has a built-in word counter tool that shows you the number of words and characters in an entire document or a portion of the text.

Here is how you find it:
•   Open the document you want in OpenOffice Writer
•   Select the portion of the text you want to analyze (it can be the entire document too)
•   Select “Tools” from the menu and then find “Word Count”
•   A dialog box will appear, telling you the exact number of words and characters



OpenOffice: How do I open Microsoft Office files?

OpenOffice can open and read documents made in Microsoft Word. That includes .doc and .docx file extensions, without using any extensions or add-ons.

Here is what you have to do:
•   Click on “File” found at the top of the screen and select “Open”
•   From “All Files” select the Microsoft Word format you want to open
•   Select “Open” and find the document you want to view
•   Click “Open” and the Word document will appear in a new OpenOffice Writer document



OpenOffice: Why won't table rows break across pages?

If you want to allow table rows to break across pages, you need to have the Allow row to break across pages option enabled. Follow these steps to enable this option:

•   Select the tables you want to break across pages
•   Go to Table Tools > Layout > Properties
•   When the Table Properties dialog box pops up, enable the Row tab and check the Allow row to break across pages option
•   Click OK