Keylogger – not just spying software

Jasmin Morel
Jasmin Morel
May <00pam5>17</00pam5>, <00pam5>2022</00pam5>



It's no shame wanting to know how different users use your computer. Weather you need to be certain that your employees actually work and use business resources in favor of business activities or you simply want to make sure your kids don't go wandering off to web sites upon which you wouldn't want them to stumble, you'll need some sophisticated, surreptitious and easy to use method to accomplish doing so without employing MI6 to your mission.

Luckily enough, Keyloggers had been invented. These simple, usable yet unbelievably efficient programs are the perfect solution to achieve your tracking goals and will enable you to keep thorough and complete track of any activity held by any user on a given computer. Needless to say, Keyloggers are powerful tools that will aid you in getting precious information unattainable up until today. Using this information you'll be able to make your business even more efficient and productive, or you'll be able to protect your children from being exposed to undesirable internet content.

Main and common Keyloggers Features

Although Keyloggers are usually compact applications they offer various and unique features that make them an essential and optimal tool for anyone in need of tracking computer activities.

Most keyloggers will be able to do the following:

  • Record all visited web sites to a log file, including URLs, snap shots, web pages' titles, etc.
  • Keep copies of sent and received Emails allowing you to view them discreetly.
  • Keep copies of Instant Messaging chats allowing you to monitor them at a later time of your convenience.
  • Keep track of all keystrokes on any application run on a given computer (you should keep in mind that logging keystrokes also includes passwords, registration data and such).
  • Take screen snap shots at predetermined time intervals.
  • Email you or alert you in other manners as to when a computer goes on line or used for a given activity. Most keyloggers will also be able to send you via Email the log file to a predetermined Email address.
  • Run undetected and unhindered. Users will not be able to shut Keyloggers off without administrator password.

* Please note: You should obbay tha laws of your country and not use Keyloggers in a mannar that violates your emplyees and/or others privacy. Users should be aware of the fact that you have installed Keylogger on their computer and that everything they do is monitored.

Among these you can find SoftActivity Keylogger, Refog Free Keylogger and Elite Keylogger that offer the above mentioned tracking solutions and features and that will turn you into a 007 in the making.