Top 10 Best Free Torrent Search Engine Sites for 2019

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May 23, 2022
Torrent sites come and go for various reasons.  It has to be said however, that the best ones stick around!  With so many different platforms for torrenting in 2019, how do you find the best site for your needs and who do you choose to trust the most?
Torrents are essentially P2P sharing files.  While sharing copyrighted material through such means is strictly prohibited, torrent sites and programs are still used regularly to share legal material in bulk across various networks.  If you are downloading or uploading torrents, it’s a good idea to find a reputable site.  One which offers speedy and safe downloads as well as legitimate uploaders and servers.
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Here is our pick for the top 10 best free torrent search engine sites – based on various factors!
1. The Pirate Bay
While Pirate Bay has something of a shady past and has butted heads with various lawmakers over the years, it remains hugely popular.  Its robust torrent safety system and smart search protocols keep it above the competition.  However, without the assistance of a VPN, you may find it blocked.
• Pros: Quick, full of top results, safe to use.
• Cons: Blocked in some territories for copyright reasons.
2. Torrents.Me
A torrent site with a clean interface and a very nice trending ticker, Torrents.Me is a quiet contender for the top spot in our list.  The lack of ads and annoying pop-ups is a definite bonus.  Unlike some other torrent search engines, this one feels competent and safe to use on a regular basis.
• Pros: Clean and appealing interface, great organization.
• Cons: Perhaps not the search engine experience everyone is looking for.
3. Toorgle
When it comes to keeping torrent search nice and straightforward, Toorgle does a lot for its loyal users.  Clearly inspired by the simplicity of modern search, it’s a lightweight site.  It may not be as advanced as the likes of Torrents.Me, but it certainly does the business.  If basic search can be streamlined, why can’t torrent search?  Toorgle understands this query perfectly.
• Pros: A vast number of websites crawled, nice and simple.
• Cons: Some users may find the aesthetic to be a little outdated.
4. Zooqle
Zooqle is a steadily-growing site with millions of torrents ready to go at any one time.  Regularly used by everyday seeders, it may not be the best known on the block, but it’s more than capable.  It will be worth waiting to see how this one progresses in the years to come.
• Pros: Increasingly popular with tons of verified and safe torrents available for download.
• Cons: Not as well-known or as well-supported as some of the other sites on this list.
5. iDope
A relative newcomer to the world of torrents.  This site is perhaps most notable for its portability, offering a free Android app which will allow you to search and download torrent files directly to your smartphone or tablet.  For many users, that’s a fantastic level of functionality.  It’s still worth using a service such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN to browse, however!
• Pros: Amazing portability and functionality – more than just a gimmick.
• Cons: As it’s such a young platform, it may have some way to go before it competes well amongst the more prominent names.
6. Seedpeer
Seedpeer is a reliable database which is packed full of safe and well-seeded torrents.  It’s been a regular haunt for seeders and leechers for years, mainly due to its expansive scope when it comes to crawling the web’s millions of files.  However, it may not be the sleekest of interfaces available in an ever-changing world!
• Pros: Very well-regarded by torrenters globally, it remains a competent search engine.
• Cons: The interface is perhaps not as user-friendly as some of the more modern platforms on this list.
7. TorrentSeeker
TorrentSeeker does something a little different from the other sites on this list.  What it offers in the way of unique search capability is a custom Google engine that specifically targets torrent sites for what you need.  It’s nice and easy to use, though if you’re looking to share and download specific files, you may find the results pages a bit of a dawdle.
• Pros: Makes smart use of custom Google search to a searchers’ advantage.
• Cons: The results pages of other sites are perhaps a little more comprehensive and easier to understand.
8. Xtorx
Xtorx is another well-trusted site that scours millions of results.  Like other platforms we’ve listed here, it leads with a clean, simple, search bar landing page.  However, unlike other sites, it provides links to other torrent search engines which open up in new windows and tabs which may not be the best browsing experience for everyone.  However, whether you are using a service such as NordVPN or otherwise, it remains a solid support for torrent search.
• Pros: Plenty of torrent sites crawled, and a simple interface is always a good thing.
• Cons: The way in which search results are displayed and offered isn’t perhaps as simple as others on this list.
9. Veoble
Veoble is a super-powerful and super-competent torrent search engine site.  As with some of the other platforms on this list, it is quickly gaining popularity despite a smaller presence.  Boasting many different search options and variables, it’s a great spot to look for if you need to filter down what you’re looking for.
• Pros: Plenty of variables and filters make this one of the more capable torrent search engines online.
• Cons: The black-and-white interface may not appeal to everyone as it’s relatively dark and gloomy
10. Torrentz2
Torrentz2, as the name suggests, is the successor to Torrentz.  Torrentz was a hugely popular and capable search engine and its successor has been widely welcomed.  Boasting the convenient interface of old as well as a staggeringly large index of files to search, Torrentz2 deserves more than a fleeting mention in this list.
• Pros: Brings back the best elements of Torrentz in style, millions of files to search for.
• Cons: Perhaps a little old school for modern torrenters in 2019.