Top 10 Best Free VPNs for India

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May 26, 22
Despite not being in the human rights limelight as much as Russia and China, India is quite aggressive in its oversight of internet services. There is heavy, multi-channel state surveillance, bans on gambling and adult services content and of course a judicial history of forcing companies to disclose all sorts of private data. Content may be banned on moral, religious and political grounds, as well as in the name of national security. It might not appear to be so at a first glance, but India has it all as one of the world’s most comprehensive Internet censors.
VPNs are quite resourceful when it comes to accessing websites that are banned by the government due to any reason. Although, some websites are banned rightfully, many other websites get wrongfully blocked as they lead to rogue web addresses. Furthermore, Indian citizens are not new to these constant strikes by the government to curb the nation’s free internet access. This is where VPNs come into the picture!
Can any of these VPNs be acquired for free, though? The answer is yes – at least for a limited time. Some VPNs offers free trials, while some require payment but will refund your money if you cancel the subscription within the first week or month. Finally, some VPNs offer permanent free access but usually with severe restrictions on bandwidth and server locations (servers in India are usually excluded).
One of the most respected names in this industry, NordVPN offers safe and reliable access for all of your needs regarding India. It has servers in Noida, Indore and Delhi which will allow you to seamlessly unlock local content. Furthermore, NordVPN offers a free 3-day trial that doesn’t even require a credit card so there is no risk of forgetting to cancel!
With servers in Mumbai and Chennai, ExpressVPN is another excellent choice. It requires an initial payment but its generous 30-day refund period will allow you to use it to your heart’s content and enjoy local Indian content for a long time, before having to cancel the subscription and get your money back.
While VyprVPN does have servers in India, they are all located only in Mumbai. This may cramp your ability to access local websites with regional restrictions as you won’t be able to switch to a different region in India if needed. However, it is an excellent VPN with a plethora of useful features, a fine reputation and a 3-day trial (note: this trial requires a credit card but it will not be charged until the end of trial period – don’t forget to cancel!).
A hidden gem among elite VPN providers, IPVanish will blow you away with its server selection which includes Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. If you’re after local Indian content, this might be just the VPN for you. Note that its refund period lasts only 7 days, so don’t forget to cancel the subscription and get your money back in time!
While this is another high-quality VPN that covers part of India, like VyprVPN, it does not really excel locally. Its sole server location is Delhi, which may not be enough for all of your needs. However, it offers an even longer money-back guarantee at 31 days.
Its raunchy title might lead you to think that this VPN is just joking around but it actually has one of the most comprehensive lists of server locations in the world, including servers in Maharashtra and Mumbai. It offers a 7-day trial (credit card required, so don’t forget to cancel before this period expires).
A bit unusual for a VPN provider, HotspotShield hasn’t made its server list by city, publicly available. However, it does have servers in at least one location in India. What is especially significant about this company is its staggering 45-day refund period which truly gives you a lot of flexibility. It will cover even the longest trips and allows for a whole lot of content streaming before you have to think about canceling the subscription.
A brainchild of the ProtonMail developers, ProtonVPN is an amazing encryption system that is relatively new in the VPN market. What sets ProtonVPN apart from its contemporaries is that it has a no logs policy and its data access isn’t limited to any defined bandwidth caps.
But like all the free things, ProtonVPN also comes with a few flaws. Since its servers are stationed in only three countries, you won’t be able to access any website blocked in those countries. Furthermore, ProtonVPn does not offer any app on the iOS software, so you may have to look for other VPN options if you own an iPhone.
ProtonVPN also comes with a paid version which allows its users to access it from more than one device.
When it comes to free VPNs, TunnelBear takes the lead by offering a number of hard-to-ignore features. TunnelBear not only offers lightning fast speed but also allows its users to connect with protected servers scattered across the globe. Moreover, it offers strong AES 256-bit encryption along with a no logs policy.
Although it comes with a limited 500MBs per day, you can increase your bandwidth up to 1GB by simply tweeting about TunnelBear.
What makes WindScribe a user favorite is its generous data usage policy. Apart from getting 10 GB of monthly data, users can further increase their data up to 5 GB by simply tweeting about the VPN provider. Moreover, they can get an additional 1 GB by referring a friend to their services.
WindScribe comes with a pre-installed firewall and ad blocker. Lastly, the free version offers a no logs policy and allows access to over ten servers available across the world.