Top 10 Best VPNs by Speed

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May 26, 22
There are thousands of VPNs on the web these days. Thousands. They all claim to offer a similar type of service, and provide a certain level of privacy. However, some virtual private networks are remarkably better than others by simply outperforming the rest of the pack.
Speed is without a doubt, one of the defining factors of a ‘good VPN’. It makes or breaks a service, as it truly is such a critical aspect. So if you’re looking for a speedy service to satisfy all of your web browsing or streaming needs, then read on to discover which VPN is right for you.
Just like the name suggests, Express VPN is strikingly fast. The service is a model when it comes to downloading, uploading, streaming media and bypassing ISP throttling.
Express was clearly built to promote speed as there are over 2,000 different servers available for you to connect to. Additionally, the service uses its own DNS on every server. Therefore, web traffic never leaves the tunnel, allowing for the servers to maintain a consistent and unaffected level of speed. Best of all, the DNS is encrypted and records absolutely no data, unlike third party DNS servers which typically log your location and sign in time.
Nord is an outstanding quality VPN which offers a service that is superb in so many ways. One of the many facets that allows Nord to stand out is its phenomenal speed, which is largely due to the fact that it has dedicated servers for several different purposes.
No matter what you may be using a VPN for, Nord will almost certainly offer a dedicated server for your purpose.  Feel free to choose from dedicated servers for P2P networks, streaming and generalized use, to satisfy whatever your needs may be. Nord is also a great choice if you are looking to download content from peer to peer networks as the service permits file sharing.
Private Internet Access is another strong contender when it comes to the quickest VPNs on the market. The service is slightly more difficult to manage than other VPNs but the quality of protection and speed is simply top notch.
Though Private Internet Access’s user interface is more geared towards advanced users, the level of speed and reliability provided is just fantastic. The VPN hardly affects the speed of downloads, giving you the opportunity to work with mass amounts of content at once. This factor is likely due to the fact that Private Internet Access offers over 3,200 VPN servers.
Fans of IPVanish swear the service is one of the fastest VPNs on the market and quite frankly, they are right.
IPVanish is a US based virtual private network that has some serious firepower in the speed department. The service might be outmatched by other contenders such as Nord and Express when it comes to overall speed, but when it comes to uploading – there simply isn’t a better network. IPVanish also offers unlimited peer to peer traffic, which is ideal if you are looking to download large files or torrents. With over 1000+ VPN servers in 60 different countries, you will always be able to find a speedy connection for any of your needs.
Some VPNs truly do reinvent themselves to become bigger, better and faster. CyberGhost is absolutely one of those VPNs.
CyberGhost was once an ordinary VPN, but due to a mass amount of overhaul and updates, the service turned into an absolute star. The VPN offers a beautiful interface, consistently quick speeds and nearly 3000 servers for you to hop on. To top things off, CyberGhost easily hurtles the Great Firewall of China.
If you are looking for a super quick VPN for video games, then look no further than Buffered VPN.
Buffered VPN is notorious for having a super low latency, keeping the time delay from the server to your device to a minimum. With such a low latency, you can easily compete in first person shooters and other quick action games without sacrificing security for performance.
7. VyprVPN (Golden Frog)
Investing heavily in the infrastructure of a network typically provides great results and VyprVPN proves just  that with its super quick network of servers.
VyprVPN is a unique service in the sense that it fully owns all of the hardware and network technology needed to run the service. The result is a total in house product that doesn’t get slowed down by having to transfer data to third party servers or hardware. Thus, VyprVPN gives you the chance to stream, download and view content without even the slightest noticeable delay.
Pure VPN definitely offers more than just a trendy mascot in a cape as the service is also a top contender with regards to speed.
Pure VPN has an absolutely massive network, with well over 2,000+ servers in 141 different countries. That aspect, combined with the fact that the service provides unlimited bandwidth and server switching is super ideal if you are looking to do some heavy streaming. Best of all, the service is available on all major operating systems and a wide variety of entertainment devices.
If you are a regular user of P2P networks, then take a swing at Proton VPN for all of your file sharing needs.
Proton VPN is a super quick VPN geared towards those who are looking to download content from P2P networks in privacy. The Swiss based service not only offers incredible speeds, but also outstanding privacy and security. Due to Switzerland’s strict privacy laws, the service logs absolutely none of your personal information, keeping things totally anonymous and secure.
Hotspot Shield is a quirky VPN that provides you with solid, consistent speeds and some unique features to hustle things up.
Hotspot Shield offers a simple and easy to manage interface – ideal for web users of any level of experience. However, what makes Hotspot Shield interesting is its ability to adjust encryption standards in order to speed up the connection. Choose from a 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, depending on your speed/security needs. Furthermore, the VPN uses its own unique protocol called ‘Catapult Hydra’ to really boost your connection speed.