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Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Systems
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Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in software developed by Adobe Systems. It plays multimedia, audio, video, and interactive content on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Following the advent of alternatives, Adobe discontinued this app in 2020. But you can still download Flash Player from DownloadAstro if you want to check it out!

📱App type Multimedia playing and RIA execution 
ℹ️ Main function  Streaming and viewing audiovisual media
✅ Top feature  Game playing 
🌏 Available regions  Worldwide 
💻 Supported Operating system (s) Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
💸 Pricing system  Free
💰 Pricing plan Free forever 
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One of the standard multimedia players of the web.

Main Features of Adobe Flash Player

High Performance: Flash Player supports hardware-accelerated graphics and video, which means you can deliver high-quality content without draining your users’ batteries or increasing their data charges. When next you’re building an RIA with lots of animations or videos, use Flash because it will keep users engaged for longer by loading multimedia faster. 

Streaming: Flash Player supports streaming video and audio over the Internet, LAN, or WAN. This means that you can use Flash to playback content from a remote server without having to download it first.

RIA Creation: In addition to being a browser plugin, Flash Player is also a development platform for creating rich Internet applications. This means you can use it to create games and other interactive content, as well as animations and videos.

Cross-platform Browser Support: Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plugin that works on famous browsers, operating systems, and devices. It supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also works on popular web browsers such as Opera Mini, Puffin, Kiwi, Dolphin, and FlashFox.

Multimedia Formats: Flash Player supports a wide range of multimedia formats, including video, audio, and animation. Flash Player supports H.264 video up to 1080p30 encoded with Baseline profile or Main profile level 3.0 (with AAC low-complexity subtype). 

Vector Graphics and 3D Effects: Vector graphics are resolution-independent. This means they can be scaled to any size without losing quality, making them ideal for creating buttons and other user interface components. Adobe Flash Player displays games, animations, and multimedia presentations without hassle. 


What We Like 

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin for your web browser that allows you to experience some of the most stunning content on the web. Check out these three reasons why you should use Adobe Flash Player:

  • It is easy to install. Download it from the website, install it in your browser, and you’re ready to go! No complicated downloads are required—just one click!
  • Flash Player is comprehensive, as it handles all multimedia content and delivers it to the screen with minimal delay.
  • Users gain access to thousands of games and videos on Flash Player, so they can always find something to entertain themselves when they need a break.


What We Don’t Like 

Flash Player has a reputation for being widely used, but it has its setbacks, too. For example; 

  • Adobe Flash Player does not run on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
  • It takes up too much storage space, which can cause problems when playing games or watching videos online. 
  • This software is vulnerable to security breaches and causes privacy concerns among users.


Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

LightSpark: This is another open-source plugin you can add to web browsers to view files in SWF and Flash-based formats. It also works as a standalone app, allowing you to play Flash games, animations, and multimedia content due to its compatibility with ActionScript 3.0.

Ruffle: Ruffle helps you work your way around the restriction that major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, put in place after Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player. This free, open-source software supports interactive content created using Adobe’s ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 languages. Also, it runs Flash games, videos, and audiovisual media via Android and iOS browsers without the accompanying security risks associated with Flash Player.

Microsoft Silverlight: Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform plug-in that streams digital media and runs RIAs, providing users with an immersive experience.

Lunascape: When you download Lunascape, you get more than just a web browser. It comes with three rendering engines: WebKit (used by Chrome and Safari), Gecko (used by Firefox), and Trident (used by Internet Explorer). This means you can choose which engine processes each new tab and enjoy the benefits of all three. In addition, Lunascape can stream and play all Flash animations, games, and files. 


How to Use Adobe Flash Player:


  • When your computer downloads the Flash Player RAR file, launch it. 


  • Input your preferred password and click “OK.


  • Open the RAR file and extract the file named “Install_flash_player_11_Other_Browsers.exe” from it.


  • After reading the Adobe Flash Player Licence Agreement, check the agreement box and click “Install.”


Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Systems
1.20 MB
Security Verified
Comparison of Alternative Programs:
Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player - Software Comparison Chart:
App Name
File Size
Plays Flash files from a computer
2.00 MB
A video playback program
1.00 MB
Create Playlists and watch Flash movies
0.43 MB
Plays Flash movies and games offline
7.00 MB
Play videos conveniently and compress files to save memory
4.58 MB
Provides greater choice than the standard Flash Player
63.90 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adobe Flash Player still available?

Although Adobe has ended support for Flash Player, it’s still available for free download on DownloadAstro!

Why can't Chrome enable Flash?

Chrome blocked Flash content from being played on it because Adobe discontinued Flash. However, you can download Flash Player from DownloadAstro and run it as a standalone app or a plugin for other web browsers.

Is it OK to install Flash Player?

As long as you download and install Flash Player via trustworthy sites like DownloadAstro, you can access all Flash content from your PC.

How do I get Adobe Flash Player?

You can get Adobe Flash Player from DownloadAstro and install it on your computer for free.

What browsers support Flash?

Kiwi, Puffin, FlashFox, and Opera are web browsers on which you can enable Flash. But before enabling Flash Player on any browser, you need to download it from DownloadAstro.