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May 26, 22

Download Astro aims to provide everyday users with honest and genuine reviews of a variety of software. All of the software ratings presently on the site are community driven, as Download Astro wishes to provide users with realistic ratings from the experiences of other users.

Check out some of our helpful articles below to get you headed in the right direction.
More on VPNs
Got more questions about VPNs? Check out the following links for more information about what VPNs really are, why you need one, and which one will suit your needs best.
Guides to General VPN Information
 Everything You Need to Know about VPN – A Beginner’s Guide (learn why virtual private networks are becoming the norm)
• Really How Safe Are VPNs? (an analysis of ultra-safe VPNs vs. VPNs looking to steal your info)
• Are VPNs Illegal? (a list of countries where VPNs are banned)
• What is Kill Switch and Which VPNs Have Kill Switch? (why disconnecting you from the internet could actually be a good thing)
• Everything You Need to Know About VPN Routers (a comprehensive breakdown of routers that use VPNs to keep connected devices safe)
• Why You Need a VPN with IPv6 Support (not all VPNs support the protocol that the web is slowly moving to)
• How to setup a VPN Router (and why you should have an encrypted router in your home)
• Benefits, Downsides, and Setup of Router VPN (a breakdown of the pros and cons of putting a VPN on a router)
• Should you use a VPN or Tor? (a head to head comparison of virtual private networks and the onion router)
• Top 10 VPN Troubleshooting Tips for 2019 (find out how to solve the common problems that many users experience with a VPN)
• Proxy vs VPN? Which is better? (learn why a VPN is a safer bet to use than a proxy)
Guides to VPNs for General Use and Security
• The 10 Best Free VPN Services for 2019 (the overall best free VPNs currently available)
• Top 10 Best VPNs for United Kingdom in 2019 (the best VPNs to use for those living in the UK)
• Top 10 Best Free VPNs for Australia in 2019 (the best VPNs to use for those living in Australia)
• Top 10 best free VPNs that keep no logs in 2019 (the best free VPNs that don’t keep records of your web activity)
• Top 10 Best Free VPN Extensions for Google Chrome in 2019 (the best free VPNs that work in Google Chrome’s web browser)
• 10 Best Proxy Services for 2019 (the best services to reroute your internet without slowing it down)
• Free VPN Scam: VPN Master (a list of fake services that pose as VPNs in an attempt to steal your data)
• Multi-hop VPN chains (Double VPN) (an explanation of VPNs that change your location twice)
• How a VPN on a Router with the AdBlocker Ensures Perfect Online Privacy (how blocking online advertisements will keep you safe online)
• Dedicated IP VPN 101 – Best VPNs for Static IP & Which to Avoid (a list of the best and worst VPNs that provide personal IP addresses)
• Top 7 VPN Protocols in 2019 – What Are They and Which Should You Be Using? (the pros and cons of each protocol that transmits your data online)
VPN Guides for Media and Gaming
Our online VPN library has been analyzed, evaluated, reviewed and rated by a team of internal and external expert editors.  As one of the leading top software download sites in the world in its category, we offer our users localized expert content in their language, creating user engagement based on tailormade content for each language.
We have researched and summed up for you all the information you need to decide on which VPN (and any other software you would like) is best for you.
Reviews on the Top VPN Services


Other Useful Links
Still have questions about your security online? Check out these helpful links to walk you through a variety of common security and connection problems.
Guides for ‘How to…’
Guides for General Web Security
• Best Private Search Engines for 2019 (the 3 best search engines to keep your information private)
• A Short Guide to Cryptography (an explanation of the process of packing your data into code and keeping it protected)
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 101 (an in depth look at the most secure encryption standard currently in use)
• 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes – Explained (an explanation of the countries that track your internet activity when living inside their borders)
• IPv4 and IPv6: What Are They and Why Should You Care? (why the two protocols can affect your privacy when browsing online)
• Best Ad Blockers to Secure Your Internet Browsing (a list of services that block annoying online ads and keep your info safe)
• Top 10 Best Free Torrent Search Engine Sites for 2019 (a list of the top websites to safely and reliably download torrents from)
• AI-Powered Traffic Routing for Maximum Online Security (a quick breakdown of NeuroRouting and why it is the next big feature for VPNs)
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